Unigine v0.4 demo with dual render: OpenGL/Direct3D

A new demo, which is based on forthcoming Unigine v0.4 engine, is available. The demo shows a lot of modern visual effects and works either on Windows and Linux. There is also a benchmark in the demo, which can be used to compare performance in Direct3D and OpenGL.


* Up to 500k polygones per frame
* 5 dynamic lights
* HDR rendering
* Parallax occlusion mapping
* Ambient occlusion mapping
* Translucence
* Volumetric light and fog
* Glow
* Particle systems
* Postprocessing: motion blur, radial blur, depth of field, color correction, Sobel filter, refraction, stereo mode

Unigine engine:

Unigine v0.4 is a brand new version of cross-platform middleware for real-time virtual worlds, standing on the bleeding edge of technology. Unigine provide 3D render, physics, GUI, scripting system, sound support and much more. Release is scheduled on this autumn.

This middleware is aimed to the wide market, so there are various licenses of Unigine, including special ones for independent developers. Prior to official Unigine v0.4 release there are special discount prices are in action, don't lose your chance.


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