AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control

AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.7 is a software component enables users to quickly and efficiently create high performance 2D visualizations of various data. AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.7 has been specifically designed to allow engineers and scientists to plug it in directly into their native application software.

The key benefits include high performance, support for ActiveX-friendly programming languages (Visual Basic, Visual C, Delphi, VB.NET, C# etc.), intuitive user-friendly interface, broad range of data processing capabilities (e.g.: cubic spline, Akima spline, polynomial fitting), built-in JScript and VBScript interpreters and the ability to operate from these scripts.
AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.7 supports 40+ ActiveX events and allows for complete customization of total data in each series. The velocity and performance of the component is limited only by the power of graphics card and enables user to handle extremely large data. This versatile solution lets the user visualize the data through a variety of charts and graphs. With AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.7 you can export the final data in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or BMP files. Above all AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.7 offers its users extremely sophisticated graphical elements such as labels with diacritical and interlinear marks and support for greek characters and various markers.
AxisPackage Software provides its customers with full documentation support including tutorials and sample applications. Customers are also welcome to apply for new features. Read more about AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.7 at
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About AxisPackage Software
Established in 2002, AxisPackage Software is a rapidly-growing software company focused on developement of ActiveX componenets for 2D and 3D visualisation of data used in engineering , mathematics, scientific and economics application software. AxisPackage Software’s solutions bring customers winning price-to-feature ratio. The company offers in-depth technical support and customer care. To learn more about AxisPackage Software please visit

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A demo version of AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.7 is available for review purposes.

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