Game Physics Competition

Following in the footsteps of the successful Eurographics 2006 Graphics meets Games competition, Eurographics is delighted to announce the Eurographics 2007 Game Physics Innovation competition which aims to showcase innovation in the use of physics technology in games. Physics has always played an integral part in the development of computer games, since the very earliest games like Space War which featured gravitational wells and inertial movement. More recently physics in games has become mainstream, with many commercial offerings from companies now pushing the boundaries of what is possible in top games. This competition aims to focus on what is next; what new physics techniques might be employed in future games, can physics help redefine the interface with the user or can entirely new game-play paradigms emerge when full physics simulations are employed?

The competition, organised by Dr. Steven Collins (founder of Havok and Graphics Research Group manager, Trinity College Dublin) and Ladislav Kavan (Czech Technical University in Prague) which forms part of the Game Track in the forth-coming Eurographics Conference in Prague, September 3-7, 2007, aims to inspire a sharing of ideas and discoveries relating to physics innovation, and through the generous sponsorship of Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D, is offering prizes totalling over €2000 to the winning entries:

• Overall Prize: €1,500 - awarded to the entry that in the judges opinion exhibited the best combination of innovation and technical achievement
• Collada Prize: €500 - awarded to the entry that makes the best use of the Collada standard.

For full details regarding the competition go to The competition closing date is August 24th 2007 with the winners being announced during the Game Track of the Eurographics Conference in September. Winning entries will be displayed in the Intel sponsored Game Physics Lobby on the very latest Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor based systems, and will be available to be played by conference attendees. The Game Track will also feature keynote presentations from game industry leaders


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