GarageGames is Hiring!

Work with our teams of designers, artists, and programmers to create cutting-edge games and game technologies.

What are we looking for?
-All-Stars who are willing to take point and grab our technology by the horns in the creation of great games.
-Self-motivated individuals who are capable of working with others.
-People who will bring a wealth of experience to our teams of talented programmers.

- Must be willing to relocate to Eugene Oregon
- Experience with either networking, multi-threading, 3D rendering architecture, collision detection or physics
- 3-5 years software development experience.
- C/C++ experience required
- Strong leadership and communication skills
- Experience either as lead programmer or as a senior developer
- Excellent debugging and math skills
- Passion to make Great Games

- Shipped titles on next-gen consoles or PC
- Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related degrees
- Experience with Torque technologies

Benefits :
- Competitive Compensation
- Driven, exciting work environment in fast growing company
- Profit Sharing
- Project Royalties
- Health care Benefits (medical, dental, vision, alternative)
- Vacation, Personal and Sick Days, Inc is an established, growing online game publishing and development company. It is the developer of the Torque Game Engine, as well as the award winning Marble Blast series of games on PC and XBox Live Arcade. The team is composed of many ex-Dynamix developers and founders who created the original Tribes, Incredible Machine, and other franchises. GarageGames prides itself on it's talented developers who work together to make games and technology on their own terms.

We have a unique culture of hard working, highly motivated people with a flexible and creative work environment where employees can flourish as part of close-knit teams. We make the games we want to play and develop the technology we would want to use--employees have the opportunity to be a real part of the success and growth of the company. This shared growth philosophy allows for compensation that heavily rewards performance on top of a industry competitive base salary with excellent benefits and the potential to earn ownership equity in the company.

If you are interested please send a resume, code samples, and any other documentation to:


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