ShadersForGames To Offer Next-Gen Shaders to Game Developers

First Three Shader Packs Available Now

Shaders For Games launched today, offering next-gen shaders for game developers, engine developers and language developers to use in their own products. Shaders For Games ( ) will offer all of the most desirable and most popular next-gen shader effects including Normal Mapping, Parallax Mapping, Water, Glass, Holographic Reflections and many more.

Shaders For Games is on a mission to bring shaders to game developers of all levels of experience and budgets. In the past, only the multi-million dollar game development studios were able to make extensive use of shaders in their games and engines. Now everyone from the bedroom coder right up to the large studios will be able to bring next-gen shader technology into their games with a minimum of effort and expense. Budget Licenses will be available for independent developers at vastly reduced rates, and Development Licenses will be made available for game engine developers who wish to integrate the shaders into their tools for all of their users to take advantage of.

The first three shader packs are already available from the Shaders For Games website. Pack 1 contains a selection of the most popular shader effects, enough to give any game developer a great shader base on which to build their graphics pipeline. Shaders in this pack include terrain splatting, lightmapping, normal mapping, metals, plastics, water, glass, holographs, reflections and more. Pack 2 is a specialized pack focusing on all types of bumpy shaders. This pack includes normal mapping, parallax or offset bump mapping, and a new shader technique known as Detail Bump Mapping, which allows two different normal maps to be overlaid on each other to create an incredibly detailed raised surface, all without creating any additional geometry so it remains lightning fast to render. Pack 3 is another specialized pack, this one focusing on water. The pack includes a set of shaders capable of rendering breathtaking water in various Shader Models, and with many customizations options to tweak the effect as desired. All three packs are currently available in the industry standard FX ( HLSL Effect ) format, with plans for CG and GLSL versions to follow shortly.

As well as providing extensive guides on integrating the shaders into a game pipeline, and the specifics of using the shaders with various game engines and programming languages, Shaders For Games will also be working with other developers to bring new packs, customized to the needs of particular game engines, including documentation and samples for use with those engines.

Shaders For Games will also be offering a custom shader service, where developers will be able to get their hands on exclusive shaders designed specifically for their needs.

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