jMonkeyEngine 0.11 Released

jMonkeyEngine announced today that has released version 0.11 of its successful open-source Java gaming engine, adding many new and exciting features as well as improving performance and reliability.

Major new features and systems in this release include:
* A Skin and Animatable Bone System enabling realistic representation of models and motion.
* Support for importing files in the COLLADA format.
* Support for using jME in a Java Applet.
* New Importer and Exporter System giving a standard framework for loading and saving jME scenegraphs.
* A Binary Format implementation for the new import/export system that is more compact and faster than standard Java serialization.
* Support for rendering to Framebuffer Objects.
* New Pass - Water, with configurable reflection, refraction, wave generation and more.
* New Pass - Bloom, with configurable intensity, blurring, resolution and more.
* Support for simple texture based dot3 bump mapping
* New extension providing the ability to generate 3d meshes from text.
* Control Binding Management

Bug fixes and enhancements in this release:
* Upgraded jME's official binding to LWJGL 1.0
* Improved rendering system tracking, reducing the number of jni calls to the underlying native bindings.
* Optimized Collision system, specifically triangle collision and picking that is fast and several times more memory efficient.
* New Sound System revamp (
* New editor extension package (jmex.editor) providing editor widgets useful for building jME related tools in Swing.
* Improved Particle System and Editor adding Particle layers, Particle Influences (with prebuilt wind, gravity, drag, vortex, swarm and wander influences) and more.
* Enhanced Multi-threaded support including a system for queuing up and executing code in the rendering context thread.
* Enhanced support for using jME inside of Swing/AWT
* Many other bug fixes and memory/performance optimizations

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