New Seminars at Game Institute

Using IBModler

Learn to use the IBModeler software to create 3D models from actual objects using a digital camera and your own simple setup.

Intended Audience: anyone looking for an easy and inexpensive way to scan models into their computers as 3D objects
Running Length: 1 hour

Debugging in Visual Studio

When writing software even the most experienced coder will create errors in the program. You want to be able to find and fix errors as quickly as possible. It would even be beneficial to do it during the development phase rather than waiting until later. Code syntax errors are easy to find because most of the time the compiler tells you what and where they are so you can fix them easily. But what about logical errors? How do you track down and fix errors that compile but aren't apparent yet until you run your program? Is there a better way to do it instead of using just log files and printfs all over your program? Well there is and we will explore what the latest versions of Visual Studio provide for us.

Intended Audience: Any developer with little or no experience working with the Visual Studio debugger.
Running Length: 1 hour

About GI Live Events

The Game Institute is proud to offer developers access to these free online live presentations on game industry topics offered monthly. Seminars are not all guaranteed to be scheduled every month however, so take advantage of these as soon as you can! if you are already enrolled at GI then you have access to these events. If you are not a student at GI then signing up for a free user account will also grant you access to these events.


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