Announces the Availability of ArBa3d Version 3.0

Montreal QC — today announced the general availability of ArBa3d version 3.0, their 3D-modeling software based on photos. This major release allows to reconstruct a 3d-model from a set of photos, by extracting all its sides. The output has been optimized to reduce the size of the generated model without affecting its visual quality. The enhancements in version 3.0 include improved editing capabilities as well as a more flexible user interface.

"This is certainly a release which will allow anyone to build its proper model from the photos he will take with his digital camera. This evolution is a major step from the human stereoscopic vision that was used in version 2, which was limiting the model to 180º. Being able to create a full 3d-model, including the hidden face on the ground, is a major extension to ArBa3d." said the founder of "This version of ArBa3d is the answer to a number of concerns expressed by our customers. It should give a more intuitive and effective modeling experience.".

ArBa3d v3.0 Features Expanded Functionality

ArBa3d v3.0 features significant enhancements to facilitate editing, modeling, and exporting 3d-models.

- Import photos - Version 3.0 allows to use as many photos as necessary to build a 3d scene. The selection of a photo in a window in done through a thumbnail list.
- Calilbration - The calibration process has been improved. The calibration consist in determining the position and orientation of the camera when the photo was taken.
- Vertex/Edge edition - The access to the vertices and edges has been expanded to allow a more intuitive edition of the model. Shorcuts allow to temporarily switch to a different editing mode (add/move/delete/select). Different cursors indicate the current editing mode. Spliting an edge or deleting a vertex is now easiest. This simplifies the edition and reduces the number of necessary operations.
- 3d-model export - The display of the model on the WEB is done through the use of an Active-X: ArBaWebViewer. The images are cropped and compressed to ensure that the model can be quickly loaded.
- Customizable windows - The number of windows, their size and position can now be changed. The configuration is stored between two sessions.
Users can download a free trial version of the new release (limited to 30 days) from Arba3d's Website at


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