PathEngine Announces New Licensees, SDK Release 5.09

Lyon, France – March 22nd 2007 – PathEngine announces release 5.09.00 of the PathEngine pathfinding and agent movement SDK, with some important improvements to the 3D content processing functionality as well as memory footprint reductions and support for additional platforms. We're also pleased to announce licensing of the SDK to Intelligent Soft (for 'Ragnesis Online'), to inXile Entertainment, for a yet to be announced title on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and to MGame Corp.

The 3D content processing improvements include:

* The possibility to attach attributes to elements in the 3D source data, with these attributes then passed through into the resulting ground.
* An option for stripping terrain height detail out of the generated ground, so that PathEngine's terrain callback mechanism can be applied to this ground.
* Support for saving 3D source content snapshots.
* DLL linkage with the 3D content processing.

General documentation for PathEngine's 3D content processing functionality can be found here (in the PathEngine online documentation).

The previous SDK release also included some important consolidation of PathEngine's 'mesh federations' feature, in terms of the removal of a number of range constraints.

A detailed list of all changes made in this (and other) SDK releases can be found in the change log:

About PathEngine

PathEngine was founded in 2000 based on experience providing pathfinding and AI to the games industry for more than 10 years.

The PathEngine SDK is built around an advanced implementation of points-of-visibility pathfinding on three-dimensional ground meshes. The approach enables PathEngine to provide both pathfinding and collision in tight integration against a single, sophisticated, agent movement model that takes agent shape into account and seamlessly supports overlapping geometry, with dynamic obstacles directly integrated into this movement model.

The SDK includes extensive integration with the 3DS Max and Maya content platforms.

PathEngine is being used in the genre-breaking MMORPG 'Granado Espada', as well as 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy' (by Dimps Corporation), 'Titan Quest' (by Ironlore Entertainment) and quite a few other triple-A titles.
For a more complete list of developers and titles already using the PathEngine SDK please see:

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