Unity To Enable Nintendo Wii Games

San Francisco - March 13, 2007 - We're extremely proud to announce that later this year, Unity will support creating games for the amazing Nintendo Wii game console.

By marrying a flexible game creation tool with a console that opens up many new modes of gaming, this will empower game developers like never before. Unity invites experimentation and playful game construction and allows you to create functioning game prototypes in mere hours. From there on it provides solid tools for a team to scale up the production until the gold master.

"This is the product combo of our dreams," says CEO David Helgason. "Ever since it was announced we've longed to give game developers access to the sheer creative fun of the Nintendo Wii."

We'll be making more announcements shortly about the business and technical details of the Nintendo Wii license. Get in touch with sales@otee.dk for more information on entering the early adopter program.

More details and trial download of Unity: unity3d.com
Gallery and free demos: unity3d.com/gallery/main

Unity is an intergrated game development tool like no other. It can make standalone games for PC and Mac, and games can be played back in all major web browsers. Unity combines the most powerful game engine technologies such as optimized and extensible graphics and rendering effects, PhysX by Ageia, JIT-compiled JavaScript and C# scripting APIs, flexible and fast character animation support, high-level and low-level networking capabilities, and totally dynamic game worlds where every single object and texture is modifiable on the fly.

Unity is the ultimate in supporting art packages. Almost every single application is supported, ranging from 3D modeling to image and audio tools. Unity has native support for Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, and Cheetah3D, and supports many interchange formats such as FBX and Collada. Photoshop files are importet natively, as are allmost all image and audio formats.

Tutorials, videos and examples, thorough documentation and reference manual, and a great friendly community help make Unity a joy to get into.

Unity was introduced to the market in 2005. It is a solid integrated platform, massively saving development and QA costs. It was the first 3D game engine to support both Intel Macs and Windows Vista natively, and support for new platforms is added regularly. Since it's release, Unity has propelled indie developers to become professionals, and enabled professionals to up their production values.

Unity is being used by game developers such as Codemasters and Freeverse, to create serious games such as Global Conflicts: Palestine and WolfQuest, in game design education, and amongst creative visualization professionals on projects for major clients like Volkwagen and Prada.

Homepage: http://unity3d.com
Contact: david@otee.dk


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