Visual Studio Support Now Available for Lua Game Scripting Language

Hawthorne, CA - Trango Interactive announces the release of VSLua v2.0, an integrated Microsoft Visual Studio editor and debugger for the Lua, the most popular scripting language for video games.

VSLua is the first and only product that seamlessly integrates Lua scripts into MS Visual Studio environment thus making powerful Visual Studio features available to game programmers using Lua. Currently, most Lua developers use print statements and guesswork to debug their scripts. VSLua changes all that by providing a modern and efficient solution for debugging Lua scripts. Lua developers can now use Visual Studio and its familiar commands to edit, debug and manage Lua script projects making VSLua the only practical Lua development solution in the market today.

Released last year, VSLua has become the de-facto industry standard for anyone developing in the popular Lua programming language. According to Mark Manyen, co-author of "Game Development with Lua" and a beta user, “VSLua represents a breakthrough in the usability of Lua. Writing complex scripts in Lua without VSLua is now unthinkable.”

VSLua supports all official versions of Lua and is available for Visual Studio 2002, 2003 and 2005. Custom versions of Lua and third party Lua addons like LuaPlus, Lua Bind etc. are also supported. More information about features of VSLua can be found at Trango Interactive’s website,

About Trango Interactive

Trango Interactive is an award winning full service computer games company, offering software tools and game content development services. Established in 2003, Trango has been developing content for major industry titles at its offshore studio. Trango is also working on its own game title which is expected to be released by mid 2007. It’s offshore studio won the Red Herring’s Asia Top 100 companies award in 2005. For more information on Trango, visit or contact

VSLua is a trademark of Trango Interactive. Lua, Visual Studio and Visual Source Safe and other brands are trademarks of their respective owners.


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