2007 Pascal Game Development Competition

The 2007 Pascal Game Development Competition is just getting under way.

This years theme is "Multiplexity": write a game that combines multiple game genres in any variety of Pascal ( Delphi, Kylix, FreePascal, Chrome, GnuPascal or MidletPascal ). We are even accepting GBA and Nintendo DS entries this year as FreePascal can now target these platforms.

Full 2007 competition details can be found @ http://www.pascalgamedevelopment.com/compe...p?p=details&c=3

You can view a short clip of our past entries: YouTube 320x240 Yahoo! Video 320x240 Google Video 640x480

Incidentally the 2006 competition was bigger than our first in 2005. In 2006 we had 70 registered entrants with 20 final submissions (doubling the entries from 2005) competing for the final prizes. This in turn led to extra traffic to our site and thus our bandwidth serves up over 25GB worth of content per month and as a result we have had to upgrade our servers. We hope that the 2007 competition will be bigger and more challenging.


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