Seminar-Packed Month at Game Institute

February has shaped up to be a session-packed month over at the Game Institute, with 5 seminars being run throughout the month:

* Being a Team Player: Good Coding Practices
* Getting The Most From GDC
* Team Building Tips
* Production Best Practices: Tips and Tricks from the Frontlines
* Game Cinematics: A Case Study of Popular Trailers and Cinematics

For More information, visit the Events page over at GI.

These seminars are offered FREE to all Game Institute's students and registered users. Registering with Game Institute is free as well!

If you are a developer who wishes to share your knowledge and experience with others via these 30-90 minute presentations, please contact Drew Sikora ( for a speakers packet that explains the program, how it tailors to developers and their busy schedules by not locking you into obligated dates, and compensation for your time.


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