2007 PGD Annual Coming in February

This years PGD Annual competition is winding up for February 1st to start another 3-4 month competition.

These competitions, are done to help promote the use of Object Pascal and tools like Delphi, Free Pascal & Lazarus in game development both the independent and professional developers alike. So far the growth of interest in the language and the competitions themselves seem to be paying off.

The 2006 PGD Annual 'The Big Boss' Competition saw double the amount of final submissions to that of 2005's PGD 'Dogfight' Competition. Both competitions used a fairly minimalistic advertising campaign showing an obviously effective word-of-mouth growth.

As usual this next competition will feature a pairing of gameplay themes that will compliment each other and help bring out the creativity of the competitors. The greatest strength of the competitions are the influence of innovation and the fun atmosphere of the community surrounding the annual event. So far we've seen

Dominique Louis (aka savage) is the event co-ordinator this year as he was for the 1st of these competitions back in 2005.

Prizes will, as always, be provided by our wonderful sponsors who in the past have donated over $5,000 worth in new release software and licenses. Past sponsors include; Borland, Caligari, 3Impact.com, Delgine 3D Tools, Firelight Studios, Spiral Graphics, Lazy Dog Software, Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd., WinSoft and Savage Software Solutions.

An announcement on the Pascal Game Development website has been released and further information will follow in the coming days leading up to the competition. Preparations are still ongoing, but an announcement of the judges, their platform specs. and the sponsors and prizes are soon to come.

Read the announcement thread on the PGD forums for the most current updates on the 2007 PGD Annual competition: 3rd Annual PGD Competition due to start Feb 1st!


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.