Linderdaum Engine SDK 0.5.70 Released

The Linderdaum Engine is an open source purely object-oriented 3D gaming
engine written in C++. It is designed to be not only the class library,
but also an integrated out-of-the box solution for the development of
interactive 3D games. It uses OpenGL 2.1 and GLSL and has a lot of features
which can be found in high-end commercial 3D engines.

The SDK 0.5.70 package represents one year of development since the last demo was released in late 2005. The new engine brings you a lot of cutting edge features and improvements:

- Improved rendering capabilities (floating point rendering, MRTs, HDR, NPOT textures, multisampling, dynamic textures)
- Improved file formats support (TGA, JPEG, HDR RGBE, LCM and STL meshes)
- Improved file system (RAR archives as pack files)
- Improved resources manager (faster precaching, rloading of resources at runtime)
- Improved audio subsystem (LibVorbis, 3D audio)
…and a lot of other cutting edge features!

The SDK contains the source code for the demo, API documentation and tutorials to help you start development with the engine.


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