Gameversity Launches with Free Online Seminar on Shader Programming

To celebrate its launch, Gameversity, the online education website for
game developers, is offering a free two week seminar on shader programming
with HLSL and assembly. Check out

Gameversity offers courses that help students learn game programming from scratch. Our lineup includes the following classes: Introduction to Game Programming, which introduces students to the all aspects of 3D game programming; Game Mathematics, which teaches students the mathematics used in game programming; Direct3D 9 Graphics Programming, which teaches students how to write DirectX 9 programs; and Advanced Rendering, which explains next-neneration lighting algorithms together with shadow volumes, cube mapping and High-Dynamic Range lighting.

To give students the opportunity to quickly update their knowledge in a specific game programming field, we also offer game programming seminars. These seminars cover a wide range of topics, such as AI programming, lighting, and shader programming. Expect every instructor to be an expert in the topic he is teaching.


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