NYU Camp/Game: Intensive Video Game Creation. July 6 to Aug 6, 2004

Put a final answer to the question of what you’re going to do this summer. Hook into the Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA) at New York University for five weeks at Camp/ Game, a one-of-a-kind experience in intensive video game creation, visualization and production. Coming from behind computer screens across the globe, students congregate in New York to work with an award-winning faculty of industry professionals who lead them in the study and practice of creating concepts and prototypes for games.
Using the latest in software, hardware and development tools, students learn to use a wide variety of palettes to turn their wildest gaming fantasies into reality.

New York City provides an exciting backdrop to the summer program as students are led on field trips to post production, sound and motion capture facilities giving them an introduction to various support industries of game production. CADA has recruited the industry’s most creative forces to develop this state-of-the-art video game camp. In addition to in-class production-oriented activities and outside field excursions, NYU holds a competition at the conclusion of the camp where four teams are awarded best in show prizes.

For more information, contact the Center directly at (212) 992-3370.

Dorm boarding available.

Roger E Pedersen

(973) 716-0194

(845) 623-8463

Best-Selling Game Design Book Author "Game Design Foundations" Wordware Publ.


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