Game Audio Australia Launches - Dynamic Solutions for Audio in Game Development

BRISBANE, Qld, Australia – 12th October 2006: This week marks the official launch for new game audio production studio, Game Audio Australia. The studio will capitalise on the growing game development industry in Australia, as well as the booming international market, by providing professional game audio services that range from music, sound design and implementation, to dialogue, localisation, mixing and mastering.

Merging the talents of Mick Gordon, of Lava Injection Studios and Andrew Curnock of Beat Therapy, Game Audio Australia will be able to meet the needs of an ever growing video games market both in Australia and around the world. With combined music and production experience spanning 30 years, Game Audio Australia will address the audio needs for the vast existing markets in game audio, as well as the emerging next-generation platforms.

“Game audio is extremely important to the success of the game and it is taken much more seriously these days. 20 years ago, you would have had one guy doing all the art, the programming, the design and the sound! Now we have up to 100 people working on a single title that takes two years to make and sells several million copies”, said the Director of Game Audio Australia, Mick Gordon.

In addition to providing audio services for next generation consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, Xbox360 and the Sony Playstation 3, Game Audio Australia is capitalising on the growing handheld gaming market by launching with a dedicated handheld audio division, to work exclusively on Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable, Gameboy Advance and Mobile gaming systems.

“I’ve been coding music since about 1991, though it started out as just a hobby. It’s great to be able to use my skills and play such an important part in game development.” said Andrew Curnock, Director of Handheld Audio. "It's really fun making music for handheld titles- but also challenging because you have to work within the constraints of the hardware, and make it all fit on a tiny memory cartridge, and still make it sound good."

As well as working with some of the best local companies, Game Audio Australia is well placed to cover the massive American market as well, offering the added benefit of a symbiotic 24 hour work cycle. As the US companies end their day with ideas of what audio solutions might fit the work they’ve created, Game Audio Australia gets to work on bringing those ideas to life; with previews made available the next morning.

“I’m really excited about working with game developers from America and Europe who are keen to take advantage of the exchange rate, our handheld audio division and the wonderful collection of talented musicians and sound designers that we have here in Australia”, said Mick Gordon.

Game Audio Australia is already hard at work composing for several unannounced titles including an upcoming RPG for PC and Xbox360, a First-Person Shooter for the PS3 and Xbox360, several handheld titles. Plus, work at Game Audio Australia isn’t exclusive to the game market as they are also working on soundtracks to three feature films.

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About Game Audio Australia:
Game Audio Australia is a team of highly experienced audio professionals who have come together to offer developers our expertise in interactive game audio. We provide a range of high quality, professional game audio services including adaptive music, sound design, handheld audio, dialogue, implementation, editing, mixing and mastering.

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