Sundog Releases New Version for SilverLining 3D Cloud and Sky Renderer

Sammamish, WA October 8, 2006 -- Sundog Software announces the release of SilverLining(tm) version 1.08, a C++ class library for real-time visual simulation of the sky and 3D clouds for OpenGL and DirectX9 developers under Windows.

This new release features an improved lighting model, a new cloud type (cirrocumulus), and more realistic star rendering at night. Numerous minor changes are also included. An evaluation version of the SilverLining SDK is freely available from Sundog's website at - release notes documenting all the changes, along with updated documentation, are included with the SDK.

“We're committed to continuous improvement in the SilverLining SDK, and staying on the cutting edge of real-time rendering of the sky and everything in it. This release is another step in that direction,” said Frank Kane, founder of Sundog Software. “Any real-time application with outdoor scenes can benefit from this work.”

An updated demo application, featuring the 1.08 SDK, is also available from

Existing SilverLining users are entitled to this update free of charge, as with all SilverLining updates.

In addition, Sundog has announced the availability of new pricing options for royalty-free licenses for SilverLining. “We've been amazed by the variety of companies that have expressed interest in SilverLining, and we've realized that one product and pricing plan does not fit everyone,” said Kane. “We've arrived at pricing plans and support models that fit the needs of military, industrial, entertainment, academic, or independent developers.” Contact for more information.


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