Unity 1.5.1 Released

September 26, 2006 – Unity 1.5.1 has just been released as an update to the 3D game development tool Unity. This is yet another update with which we focus on being a complete end-to-end solution, making the entire process of game development painless like never before.

Making game middleware for such a wide audience as we do, one of the challenges is that many of the end-users of our customer's games have outdated hardware and graphics drivers. The solution? We spend massive resources testing our runtime on these platforms. Thus, we're proud to announce Unity 1.5.1, with rock-solid supports for a terrifying range of old hardware/software combinations.

"Some of these drivers are awfully broken, and functionality that is documented to work, doesn't", says CTO Joachim Ante. "We spent three months working through all these issues. Working around all driver bugs we found and making them behave right without any end-user intervention."

The benefits are massively reduced support costs, reduced quality assurance, and increased market reach. The result is that you have more time to make a great game. This is critical to anyone who wants to make games for a wide casual audience.

Unity focuses on providing cutting-edge technologies and making them outrageously simple to use. Whether it's character animation, physics, or dazzling graphical effects, it's all available with a few clicks. The flexible and powerful tools combined with an intuitive interface and plentiful documentation set a totally new standard for game development.

Unity 1.5.1 is available today for trying and buying at unity3d.com. It is provided as a free upgrade for all Unity 1.x customers.

Leveraging Unity's flexible shader engine, Unity 1.5.1 supports new shaders for terrain and foliage rendering. An example project showing off grass, trees and terrains is available from unity3d.com/examples.

Reflecting the fact that not only English speaking nations play games, Unity 1.5.1 supports Unicode fonts and Unicode scripting. This is another feature that makes games made with Unity able to be distributed far and wide.

Many more details and example projects are presented here unity3d.com/whatsnew.html !

Unity is the only Mac-based high-end game development tool sporting a stylish pro-app GUI, no-friction workflow and over-the-top technical features such as extensible shaders and full-screen effects, great particles, a highly optimized scripting engine supporting C#, JavaScript and a dialect of Python, the Ageia physX Engine, skinned character animation and ragdolls.

Unity is being used by game developers such as Codemasters and Freeverse, in game design education, and amongst creative visualization professionals.

Screenshots, downloads, shop, community: http://unity3d.com


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