The Turbo Is Back!

As many of the followers of the new DevCo seperation from Borland, know this is big step towards giving the power back to the development tools that have been so sorely neglected in the past many years. This is of course the very same group that that will be taking with it, the software development tools and suites such as Delphi, C++ Builder, JBuilder and whole whack of others.

The announcement came just yesterday with the launch of a new site called The new DevCo, will be bringing back the 'Turbo' in it's product lines!

What is Turbo Explorer you ask? It's a line of Explorer editions of the popular Delphi, C++ Builder, Delphi for .NET and C# Builder compiler and IDE suites that will be targeted towards YOU the indie developer. *pauses for jumpping and cheering*

For too long has the average student and indie developer waited for Borland to get off it's rump and give us something we can really sink out teeth into without choking hopelessly on the price tag.

As another important aspect and probable advantage to this new avenue of marketing highschools, universities and institutions around the globe who teach computer science (especially in the US and Canada) really have had no Pascal offerings that would be budget friendly. So it's no question as to why Pascal has slipped into obscurity from North American highschool and university courses. The new Turbos could help change all that!

The Turbo Explorer editions will be available for FREE via download, while the Turbo Professional editions will cost less than $500 USD and will be "designed to accept thousands of available third-party tools, components and plug-ins".

More information can be found about the new 'Turbo' press release at!


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