OpenSceneGraph 1.1 Released

OpenSceneGraph 1.1 release introduces peformance and scalability improvements, full OpenGL Shading Language support and new OpenFlight 16.1, TerraPage 2.2 and Quake3 loaders.

AYRSHIRE, Scotland - July 19th 2006 - OpenSceneGraph Professional Services announces the release of OpenSceneGraph 1.1, the industry's leading open-source graphics library with OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL Shading Language support. OpenSceneGraph is designed to accelerate application development and improve 3D graphics performance. OpenSceneGraph 1.1, written entirely in Standard C++ and built upon OpenGL, offers developers working in the visual simulation, game development, virtual reality, scientific visualization and modeling markets a real time visualization tool which rivals established commercial scene graph toolkits in functionality and performance. OpenSceneGraph 1.1 runs on all Microsoft Windows platforms, Apple OS/X, GNU/Linux, IRIX, Solaris and FreeBSD operating systems.

The OpenSceneGraph-1.1 release introduces:

* Improved support for multi-threaded, multi-pipe applications, including performance improvements and automated configuration of threading.
* Support for OpenGL Shading Language uniform arrays
* New precipitation particle effects that leverage the OpenGL Shading Language to provide high performance and high image quality rendering of rain and snow effects.
* New OpenFlight loader with support for version 16.1, including OpenGL Shading Language support.
* New Quake3 BSP loader
* TerraPage loader updated to latest terrapage code base, version 2.2.
* New outline and drop shadow support for osgText.
* New observer_ptr<> smart pointer which holds a pointer to an object, but does does affect its reference, so doesn't take any ownership of it. If the object goes out of scope then the observer_ptr<> is automatically set to 0.
* New osgGA::EventQueue class for making it easier to integrate 3rd Party Windowing toolkits. The revamped osgkeyboardmouse example demonstrates how to use it.
* A range of bug fixes.

For further information and to download the latest release head to the project website:

Special thanks go to the many contributors who help make this release possible.

Robert Osfield
Project Lead and Proprietor OpenSceneGraph Professional Services


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