Video Game Design Professional 2006

SAN LEANDRO, CA June 20, 2006 – The Corpament is proud to announce its introductory software product, Video Game Design Pro 2006. This software is the first in a series of project management solutions tailored specifically to the video game industry, with an increased emphasis upon developers and designers. The program’s generally available release is scheduled for July 4, 2006, and is available from The Corpament’s website, as well as E-commerce retailers across the web.

The first product of its kind, Video Game Design Pro 2006 assists designers in creating Game Design Documents, Technical Design Documents, and Design Treatment Documents by providing an array of tools, resources, and documentation, to help users effectively communicate their video game concepts to others. When implemented and utilized correctly, it also functions as a time and cost efficient project management solution for a game development endeavor of any magnitude. It simultaneously serves as an enabling device, allowing those users who lack the art, technical, or otherwise expertise necessary to develop a game, the ability to do so by providing instructions, examples, formatting, and features, that are conducive to learning, as well as to the creation of lucid and thorough game designs.

This product is a dramatic departure from conventional software programs tailored towards game development, which usually focus on either art or programming departments. VGDP 2006 is an enterprise-wide planning solution and tool that can save time and money, bring game concepts to life professionally and comprehensively, and keep team members on the same page of a game’s design. The suggested retail price of the product is $149.99, an amazing bargain considering the features and tools which the product offers.

VGDP 2006 has a compelling array of solutions, including, but not limited to; professional instructions, examples from real-world video games, game design resources, numerous wizard tasks, online collaboration with friends, family, or co-workers, free 24/7 technical support and updates, the ability for users to upload completed designs to, (a free web service that allows anyone with an internet connection to view or edit designs) a calendar and task list, a version history tool, the ability to add design notes and future features, a script toolbar that allows for easy Hollywood formatting, and the ability to insert, and be taken to instantly within a document; tables, graphs, timelines, storyboards, flowcharts, and UML diagrams among other things.

Members of the media who would like to know more about this company and its product are encouraged to visit The Corpament website’s Press section where you can read descriptions, view images, download content, or request an evaluation unit. Or, you are more than welcome to contact the company president directly with any questions or concerns that you may have (

About The Corpament

Based in San Leandro, CA, The Corpament is built upon the philosophy that software and the services associated with it should seek to make an individual’s tasks easier, more efficient, thorough, and accurate by utilizing the advancement of technology, knowledge of one’s respective industry, and superb customer service. Video Game Design Pro 2006 is the company’s first major release.


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