PathEngine Announces Release 5.03, New Licensees

Lyon, France – July 14th 2006 – PathEngine, supplier of the PathEngine pathfinding and agent movement SDK, announces the immediate availability of SDK release 5.03. This release makes very significant reductions in the memory footprint of the SDK, as well as performance improvements across the board, and adds support for the x64 architecture. We are also pleased to announce the addition of NTL Incorporated and People Can Fly to our list of licensed clients.

The memory cost for loading and fully preprocessing meshes with large number of detail obstructions is down by just under a third in this release. Importantly, the number of allocations made by the SDK during mesh loading has also been significantly reduced. And many meshes now load in approximately half the time taken with release 5.02.
For more details refer to the benchmark page, which has been updated for this release:

A detailed SDK changelog can be found on this page

A new version of the PathEngine 3DS Max exporter is also available with this release, with improved error reporting.

The 3DS Max exporter changelog can be found on the following page:
this page

About PathEngine

PathEngine was founded in 2000 based on experience providing pathfinding and AI to the games industry over more than 10 years.

The PathEngine SDK is built around an advanced implementation of points-of-visibility pathfinding on three-dimensional ground meshes. The approach enables PathEngine to provide both pathfinding and collision in tight integration against a single, sophisticated, agent movement model that takes agent shape into account and seamlessly supports overlapping geometry, with dynamic obstacles directly integrated into this movement model.

The PathEngine SDK comes with extensive integration with the 3DS Max and Maya content platforms.

For more information, including documentation and demos, or to arrange an evaluation, please

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