Desdinova Engine Released

The Desdinova Engine is a freeware graphic engine, designed for the rendering of outdoor enviroments and settings, fully compiled in Visual C++ using an object oriented politic. By the usage of simple and easy to understand functions, it is possible to create your own graphic application, without paying to much attention to the development of the graphic engine itself, in few minutes.

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The Desdinova Engine project started some years ago, when an italian student attending at the University decided to put his passion for videogames and the study of always-evolving rendering technologies in something more practical.
In the site you can find some screenshots and a short movie that show the still raw potential of the engine under the Media section. It is also possible to download the latest compiled version of the engine to test the current capability. In short time the SDK and documentation are to be relased.

Objects-Oriented development
Support for Dire3ctX 9.0c and Visual Studio .NET 2003
Multiple rendering zone
Scene management
Advanced Particles System
Cache system for textures, effect, mesh and static elements
Levels of Detail using progressive mesh
Lens-Flaring with streaks and fullscreen bloom
Mesh-piking from BoundingBox to single vertex
Post-process effects
Sort of the models using distance from camera
Video Optimization using DirectShow
Sound System using FMOD
Physics Engine using ODE engine

Microsoft Windows XP
Pentium 4, 2.0GHz or AMD equivalent, with 512 MB of RAM
Compatible 3D Acceleration card with 64MB Video RAM and PixelShader/VertexShader 2.0 support
Audio Sound Card with 3D support
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (June 2006 update)


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