Unity 1.5 - Web Games That Look & Play Like 2006

June 22, 2006 – Unity 1.5 focuses on providing cutting-edge technologies and making them outrageously simple to use. Whether it's character animation, dazzling graphical effects, immersive physics, or web publishing to Mac & PC.

In Unity it's all available with a click.

Novel ideas are applied to the canvas that is Unity: Individuals and teams from Brisbane to Bogotá are creating amazing web content, games, and architectural and scientific visualizations, with state-of-the-art 2006 graphics and gameplay. Due to Unity's ease of use, artists can repurpose art and animations for creating games.

Try, buy, and be amazed at http://unity3d.com
Release notes at http://unity3d.com/whatsnew.html


Unity provides the best physics simulation engine (PhysX by Ageia), graphics and rendering effects on par with the newest AAA-games, an extremely fast implementations of JavaScript (15x faster than other implementations), flexible and fast character animation, and totally dynamic game worlds where every single object and texture is modifiable on the fly.

Unity 1.5 adds bloom and other full screen effects, fast car physics, lightmap support, better character animation support, pixel-perfect TrueType typography, and dynamic content generation.


Unity provides the ultimate in supporting art packages. Almost every single application is supported, ranging from 3D modeling to image and audio tools.

Not just being able to import some exported files, this is immediate-feedback updating whenever your files change: press CMD-S in your art application and watch the model/animation/texture/audio data update in the game a second later.

On top of support for Maya, Cheetah3D, and Blender, Unity 1.5 adds native support for CINEMA 4D.

"We're excited about how closely Unity 1.5 integrates with CINEMA 4D", says Marco Tillmann, Product Manager at MAXON. "Unity's workflow is extremely smooth. Work created in CINEMA 4D can brought to live in an interactive world."


Tutorials and examples, thorough manual and reference, and a great community, help make Unity the easiest tool to learn by far. Experience in 3D applications and authoring environments can be applied, as can knowledge of JavaScript / ActionScript / C#.

Unity 1.5 triples the amount of shipped docs, tutorials, and examples.

As is the case for all Unity 1.x versions, Unity 1.5 is a free upgrade for existing customers. A free 30 day trial can be downloaded from the website.

Unity is the only Mac-based high-end game development tool sporting a stylish pro-app GUI, no-friction workflow and top-of-the-line technical features such as extensible graphics and full-screen effects, great particles, highly optimized scripting with C#, JavaScript and Boo, the Ageia physX Engine, skinned character animation and ragdolls.

Unity is being used game studios and creative visualization professionals. In game design education, many institutions now use Unity, ranging from higher design education to primary schools and high schools.

Visit http://unity3d.com for further information and user testimonials.


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