Graphics Meets Games Competition - The New Chapter

In a new outreach towards the academic and especially non-academic communities alike, the Eurographics 2006 Graphics meets Games chairs have decided to relaunch the previously announced "Graphics meets Games" competition with a significantly prolonged deadline, prizes and easier submission requirements!

The task in the competition is to create a small 3D game that showcases a novel graphical effect or effects, that could be employed in a current or future 3D game. There is a special focus on interactivity and physics-based interaction.

What's New:

- Appealing prizes: high-end graphics cards from NVIDIA and computer/video games!
- Less restrictive submission requirements: emphasis on the interaction with the graphical effect is now optional (but still preferred)!
- Generous deadline of August 28, 2006!

Will you accept the challenge ? Visit to learn more !

Michael Wimmer & Timo Aila
Eurographics 2006 Graphics meets Games Co-Chairs


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.