Exis Exchange Goes Live

Exis Interactive announces the Exis Exchange, a modern content service for game developers. 7 of our 35+ content packs are now available on the Exis Exchange www.ExisExchange.com. These packs include the modern weapons pack, as well as a few vehicles.

The Exchange is going to be a place where Indies can go for high quality, low cost content. We plan to expand the products and perhaps even offer subscriptions. For now, you can expect new products to come online every week. Anyone serious about their content should have a look!

If you're looking to make the next badass game, or even need some files to learn from, our packs are the way to go. They include enough source art to have you busy for quite a while! Everything we've made works for the torque engine, and it includes exported files.

Soon you can expect characters, software (like our Torque Scripter tools), and even audio packs. Stay tuned, and make sure you check out the Exis Exchange.


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