OC3 Entertainment Announces Release of Impersonator SDK

Morrisville, North Carolina, November 12th, 2003 - OC3 Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it has released version 1.0 of the Impersonator Software Development Kit (SDK). The product delivers cutting edge facial animation tools and technology that are easily integrated into the game development art pipeline and runtime environment.

OC3 Entertainment's technology is being used by some of the gaming industry's most respected developers. The Impersonator SDK now makes it easier than ever to create characters with realistic lip-synchronization and the ability to display a full range of emotions and expressions.

"Impersonator is unique in its ability to drive any expression while maintaining accurate lip-synchronization," states Jamie Redmond, Technical Director of OC3 Entertainment. "If the artist can envision the way a character talks, Impersonator can make that vision a reality in the game."

At the heart of the Impersonator SDK is the ability to specify "bone poses" for characters that work like morph targets. The artist creates bone poses that define how the mouth will move when various phonemes are spoken and when expressions are active. Bone poses can be set up using the Impersonator tools available in 3D Studio Max™ and Maya™.

The solution is intuitive for artists to use, and easy for programmers to implement. Animations can be batch-processed from audio files or tweaked from Impersonator Studio. Once the animations and poses are created, they can be previewed from 3D Studio Max™ or Maya™ or played directly from the game engine using the Impersonator SDK. Integrating the Impersonator SDK allows animations to be stored and played using very little memory or processing power.

For more information about the Impersonator SDK or to receive an evaluation, please contact info@oc3ent.com


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