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Mat Hopwood

Jan 06, 2014


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The Goji editor is an editor for creating game and app content such as entire games, game levels, game maps, user interface layouts etc.. that has been designed primarily for designers and developers that create apps and games for mobile and desktop systems. Whilst Goji is designed as a generic game and app editor, it has built in features for code editing, debugging and testing, including direct test and play using the AppEasy and Marmalade Quick engines..

Goji’s main features include:

  • Create and organise game levels and app layouts using scenes and actors
  • Export to many different game and app engine / programming language formats, including AppEasy / IwGame Engine, Marmalade Quick, JSON, XML (HTML5, Corona and GiderOS coming soon)
  • Export in multi-resolution friendly format, allowing exported data to be used on any sized display
  • Assisted layout editing, including tools to enable easy layout / layout management, bookmarking, edge / vertex snapping, directional cloning and so on
  • Full drag and drop support, drop entire folders of resources onto Goji and Goji automatically sorts them all for you
  • Support for import of SVG, Texture Packer and other formats
  • Support for physics including fixtures, joints and the ability to test physics
  • Definition of gaming logic and play using events and actions lists
  • Support for Lua / Javascript and other language editing, includes syntax highlighting, code folding and search / replace
  • Interactive play mode that launches the game using the built in engine or other engines, also shows coloured debug output
  • Create complete working / runnable projects
  • Support for user properties


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