Booty5 Game Maker and Animation Studio

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Mat Hopwood

Nov 03, 2014


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C#, JavaScript

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Booty5 game maker is a free Windows 7/8 application that enables rapid production of HTML5 games and apps using a WYSIWYG game editor. Features include:

  • Create and organise game levels / maps and app layouts into scenes and actors (smart sprites)
  • Complete game and app creators integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Create Flash style animations and interactive content
  • Export in multi-resolution friendly format, allowing exported data to be used on any sized display
  • Assisted layout editing, including tools to enable easy layout / layout management, bookmarking, edge / vertex snapping, directional cloning and so on
  • Full drag and drop support, drop entire folders of resources onto the editor and it automatically sorts them all for you
  • Support for import of SVG, Texture Packer, audio and other formats
  • Support for physics including materials, shapes, fixtures and joints
  • Support for Javascript and other language editing, includes syntax highlighting, code folding and search / replace
  • Create and edit shapes, trace bitmaps to optimised shapes and split concave polygons to convex
  • Create frame based bitmap animations and gradients Interactive play mode that launches the game from the editor
  • Create complete working / runnable projects right in the editor, no back-end services required
  • Support for user properties
  • Deploy to mobile platforms using the Web Marmalade exporter, CocoonJS and more


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Proprietary Free No

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