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Jul 20, 2013


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Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

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Amplify Texture is our proprietary technology that allows real-time applications to present scenes without any sort of texture limitations imposed by GPU memory limits. Virtual texturing enables up to 1 TB of unique texture data per-scene, or the equivalent to a resolution of 5 Km^2 at 1 texel/cm, without compromising performance. Our use of high-quality, more efficient texture compression will reduce your build size significantly. This is your chance to build unique, beautiful worlds in Unity.

Virtual texturing works by slicing all your textures into smaller tiles (or pages) and store them in large files optimized for streaming. At runtime, the view from your camera is analyzed and visible tiles are requested and streamed from disk in the background. Because you only see a portion of the scene with full level-of-detail at any given time, the system is able to balance hardware resources very efficiently. Very large scenes and wide area views also work great, by streaming the data with our Virtual Texturing technology, there won’t be any impact in performance or compromise in the visual accuracy.


•Drag & Drop Integration, no coding required •Up to 512K x 512K of Virtual Texture space per-scene or level •No texture size limits; it’s a big texture (512K) made of smaller ones of any size (e.g. 1K, 32K, 128K) •Seamless integration with Unity Editor, no need to change your workflow •Real-time WYSIWYG editing •Per-material diffuse+coverage, normal and glossiness textures •Per-material textures larger than 4K x 4K, those limitations are thing of the past. •Unlimited number of textures, everything is kept on the hard drive and streamed dynamically as required. •Textures may be repeated / tiled •Trilinear filtering •Variable bit-rate texture compression (similar to JPEG) resulting in up to 4x smaller build sizes while preserving quality and detail. •Support for dynamic surfaces •Custom shaders •Works with both Static and Dynamic geometry, such as characters or vehicles. •Streamlined, Automated incremental builds and deployment •Efficient Multi-threaded parallel processing •Additive scene loading and unified texture streaming with zero loading times. •High performance •Higher fidelity texturing using less video memory; it is optimized for what you actually see and with a •Low memory footprint •Windows, Mac and Linux support *


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary $350.00 No
Fully functional watermarked trial version available at



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