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SilverLining™ provides visual simulation of the following cloud types:

  • Cumulus Congestus
  • Cumulus Mediocris
  • Cumulonimbus (with lightning)
  • Stratus (solid and broken)
  • Cirrus
  • Cirrocumulus
  • Stratocumulus

With SilverLining™ , you can add realistic 3D clouds to your outdoor scenes – while still maintaining real-time framerates. These are truly 3D clouds that may be flown around and through with accurate effects and lighting.

Typical scenes featuring dense cloud decks of cumulus clouds will run at 60 frames per second on commodity hardware. For the most performance-conscious applications, SilverLining™ is highly configurable to allow you to make your own decisions about how to best trade off rendering time and quality.

Unlike other 3D cloud rendering solutions, our clouds are procedurally generated. That means that instead of seeing copies of the same clouds over and over again, every cloud is different, every time you generate a scene. This leads to enhanced realism.

When initializing a scene, a cloud deck is “grown” from scratch using physical principles that govern cloud development in the real world.

Not only are individual clouds formed in this manner, but the size and distribution of the clouds is also governed by a model based on a survey of observations of the properties of cumulus clouds at various locations around the world.

All of our cumulus clouds are based on true 3D volumetric data, and are rendered using volumetric splatting and GPU ray-casting techniques. Stratocumulus clouds are rendered entirely on the GPU, enabling very dense, 3D clouds with per-pixel lighting in realtime.


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary $2,500.00 Yes
Royalty-free licenses for a single application are available for $2,500 USD. This includes access to the full source code of SilverLining™, rights for unlimited distribution of a single executable that links in SilverLining™, and three months of free software updates and email-based technical support.


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