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MegaStorm Systems (c)

Jun 07, 2001


Supported Platforms:
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Languages Written In:
C/C++, Assembly

Languages Supported:

Tools & Editors,
Special Effects

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00000000000000000000000000000000 TheAzazel

Updated to v5.22 with some bugs fixed!

CRM32Pro is a free cross-platform software development kit built on top of SDL. It is used as a framework for games, emulators and applications.


  • Developed in C++ and compiled with Visual Studio and GNU GCC.
  • High level API with all the functions necessary to develop 2D games.
  • Resource editor (EditorDPF) and standalone full customized configuration system (SetupProject) available

Main modules:

  • Powerful log system of the library and your software.
  • Performance measures system (profiles).
  • Proprietary system to package all your resources as graphics, sound,fonts,etc.
  • Possibility to protect your package with a password.
  • Functions to prevent that your software will be modified.
  • Full timing control with two independent rates: Rendering and Logic.
  • Easy,fast and customizable system initialization.
  • True random number generator.
  • XML parser to read,write,edit or create new XML from files or embedded on a DPF.
  • CRC32 functions.

Video and graphics modules:

  • Supports OpenGL to accelerate 2D blitting operations.
  • Proprietary image format with native BMP export/import. EditorDPF also supports PNG/BMP.
  • Scaled surfaces with smooth filter.
  • Fonts system fully customizable that allow to use any font type.
  • 11 FX effects: grays conversion, fades, negative, noise, blur, gamma correction, wind, waves..
  • Graphics primitives: draw points,lines, etc.
  • Graphic User Interface(GUI): cursor control and powerful button system with multilayer support.
  • Optimized collision system between sprites and surfaces.
  • Full tiles system: tileset, alpha, alpha per pixel, colorkey, RLE…
  • Full sprites system: alpha, colorkey, alpha per pixel,RLE,animation,states…
  • Automatic smooth sprites movement (using interpolation).
  • Playback of MPEG-1 video format with realtime effects.

Sound and music modules:

  • Full sound system with mono,stereo and multichannel support.
  • Support following formats: Wav,Aiff,Voc,Ogg,XM,MOD,IT and S3M.
  • Several FX effects.
  • Independent channels of sound and music.

Network module:

  • Network system interface based on TCP/IP.
  • Client/server architecture.
  • Two working methods: server running on single mode or on authoritative mode.
  • Support up to 16 clients.
  • Automatic reception queue.
  • Possibility to hook a function in the server core to pre-process and to validate the sent data.
  • Secure transmision layer to avoid to expose the information, its manipulation and to replay it.
  • Robust, client login using password, full internal log system, etc..


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
LGPL Free Yes

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