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Yogurt Computer Technologies

Jan 01, 2012


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Yogurt3D (Y3D) is an open source Flash Game Engine, allowing developers and designers to leverage 3D content in Flash. It is the third generation of Yogurt Flash Engine, designed for personal computers (PC), Mac, OpenGL and operating properly on iOS and Android devices. The Render supports many advanced techniques including high dynamic range rendering (HDRR), per-pixel lighting, dynamic shadows and a lot more. If you wish to target both casual and seasoned players with browser-based real-time 3D games on the web, Yogurt 3D Game Engine is the ultimate tool to choose.

Supported Features


Primitives: We have a range of 10+ standard primitives, including, Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Torus, Billboard, Planes, Line Segments and Triangles, allowing you to construct any primitive manually.

Optimized GPU: The support of compressed and animated textures reduces the amount of video memory in use.

Mobile Portability: Y3D engine is compatible with the upcoming AIR 3.2 release. It is working properly on iOS and Android devices.


Point, directional and spot light sources are available to create realistic environments.


Materials: Use Y3D to create new materials or import them from external files. Y3D has an extensive list of 20+ materials available for use with the addition of custom material support.


We support major 3D programs such as Maya, XSI Softimage and 3D Studio Max.

Scene Management

Viewport Structure & Cameras: Y3D supports multiple scenes, multiple cameras within a scene and multiple rendering viewports. Each scene can be attached to any viewport or to multiple viewports. This feature brings simplicity to creating or cutting scenes using several cameras.


Y3D employs a robust animation system with exporter plug-ins and import functions. Our animations are skeleton based and weighted

Special Effects

Post-Processing Effects: Night vision & thermal camera.


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