Visual3D Game Engine



Realmware Corporation

Jun 27, 2003


Supported Platforms:
Windows, Xbox360, Browser-based

Languages Written In:

Languages Supported:
C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Ruby, Python, F#, Lua

Graphics APIs:

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Visual3D Game Engine’s All-in-One Development Tool enables live world building for C# & XNA-powered 3D games, multi-user training simulations, GIS/CAD visualizations, and online virtual worlds.

Visual3D accelerates development with built-in Terrain, Entity, Mission, Visual Scripting, Particle FX, IronPython, Conversation, Road, Decal, and Cinematic editing and ClickOnce Web Publishing, while providing next-gen realism with Vehicle Physics, Multiplayer Networking, and Avatars with Voice Acting, Facial Expressions, Speech Recognition, and an industry-leading DAZ/Poser Character pipeline.

Supported Features


  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Plug-in Architecture
  • Save/Load System
  • All-in-One Toolset
  • AAA Graphics!
  • .NET Edit-n-Continue Scripting and Programming
  • Integrated Physics, Networking, Particles, GUI, Tasking
  • GIS/DTED Real-Earth Terrain Data Importing
  • Advanced Integrated Materials
  • Model/Material Editors
  • Render-to-Texture
  • Fonts
  • GUI
  • Targets Multiple Viewports, Monitors, and Windows.
  • Configurable Component-based pipeline.
  • Environment Mapping
  • Lens Flares
  • Billboarding
  • Particle System
  • Depth of Field
  • Motion Blur
  • Sky
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Decals
  • Fog
  • Weather
  • Mirror
  • Volumetrics
  • We’ve got it all. Come check it out.


  • Realistic HDR lighting
  • Real-time dynamic shadows (with self-shadowing and PSSM)
  • Support for ultra realistic precomputed lighting and ambient occlusion maps


  • Shadow Mapping
  • Efficient Blobs
  • Advanced soft-filtering


  • Multi-texturing
  • Bumpmapping
  • Mipmapping
  • Volumetric
  • Projected
  • Procedural
  • Anisotropic filtering
  • Advanced Integrated Material System


  • Vertex
  • Pixel
  • High Level
  • Dozens of integrated shaders.
  • High End Materials and Effects built-in.
  • Parallax, Steep Normals, Bumps, Transparencies, Reflection Maps, Specular Maps, etc, are all built-in.
  • Plug in your own shaders (HLSL and FX).
  • Create shaders in C# with #SL!!!


  • Mesh Loading
  • Skinning
  • Tessellation
  • Deformation
  • Model Editor allows for correctional edits.
  • Advanced Collada imports
  • Native OGRE support
  • Soon: OpenFlight, X, FBX, and others.

Scene Management

  • Portals
  • Octrees
  • Occlusion Culling
  • LOD
  • QuadTrees
  • Advanced/easy Auto-Billboarding for Land cover and foliage.


  • Keyframe Animation
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Morphing
  • Facial Animation
  • Animation Blending
  • Animation Editing for Models
  • Cinematic Editing.


  • Rendering
  • Splatting
  • Full-Earth Terrains using GIS/DTED
  • EarthBuilder Toolset
  • Advanced Procedural LandCover
  • Clipmaps
  • Multi-threaded Streaming


  • Collision Detection
  • Rigid Body
  • Vehicle Physics
  • Soft Bodies
  • Hinges, Joints, and Constraints
  • Trimesh Collisions
  • Mesh Heightmaps
  • Simple Dynamics


  • Client-Server
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Integrated Synchronization
  • Collaborative World Building
  • Advanced NAT Hole-Punching
  • Compression and Serialization

Artificial Intelligence

  • Pathfinding
  • Decision Making
  • Scripted
  • Drag/Drop Avatar Behaviors
  • Sample AI Components with source code
  • Scriptable Behaviors
  • Program with any .NET language.


  • 3D Sound
  • Streaming Sound
  • VoIP
  • Streaming Audio/Video


  • Video rendering to screen and 3D object surfaces

Tools & Editors

  • All-in-One Toolset
  • Model, Material, and Animation Editors
  • Terrain Editor (Sculpting, Painting, Generation)
  • Object Editor
  • Physics and GUI Design Modes
  • Particle, Behavior, and Time Line Editors


  • Skinnable/themeable graphical user interface (GUI) system with built-in UI Editor


  • Script or program with any .NET CLR language.
  • C#, IronPython (Python), VB, C++/CLI, Lua.NET
  • Edit-and-Continue in Visual Studio (with full C# engine and toolset source code)
  • Behavior Tree Editor for visual sequence and state machine scripting
  • Visual Scripting Diagrams
  • Entity & Area State Wireup and Event and Key Mapping Triggers


  • Key mapping editor with action/state mapping
  • Joystick, gamepad and Xbox controller support

Special Effects

  • Particle FX Editor for visual FX editing
  • Includes explosion, fire, smoke, water, and many other effects - all customizable
  • Volumetric fog
  • Day-night cycle with dynamic sky, stars, sun, and HDR lens fly, godrays (volumetric sunbeams) and more


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary $185.00 Yes
Indie Edition: Includes source code for game and simulation framework and demo games, as well as an asset library full of royalty-free models and media to kick-start your development. Checkout the Visual3D website ( ) or contact for details.
Proprietary $495.00 Yes
Professional Edition: Includes source code for core engine plugins/services, as well as game and simulation framework, demo games/simulations, and source for customizing models and media in the included asset library. Checkout the Visual3D website ( or contact for details.
Proprietary $1,495.00 Yes
Studio Source Edition: Includes full engine source code, including 3D rendering engine, #SL C# shader language framework, engine plugins/services, as well as game and simulation framework, demo games/simulations, and source for customizing models and media in the included asset library. Checkout the Visual3D website ( or contact for details.
Proprietary $9,950.00 Yes
Enterprise Source Edition: Includes full source code to the Visual3D All-in-One Development Tool and source code to the Visual3D Game Engine, including 3D rendering engine, #SL C# shader language framework, engine plugins/services, as well as game and simulation framework, demo games/simulations, and source for customizing models and media in the included asset library. Includes GIS and CAD importing capabilities, as well as as terrain and FBX export support, highest priority support, training and engineering support time, and discounted access to offshore and U.S. development and production services by the developers behind Visual3D. Checkout the Visual3D website ( or contact for details.
Proprietary Free No
Isles of War open-source demo game and open-source access to Visual3D for its developers and contributors. Checkout the project page for details:
Proprietary Free No
Trial Edition: Get started developing your game or simulation today with free trial. Buy Visual3D to publish or demo your Visual3D-powered games and simulations. Checkout the Visual3D website ( or contact for details.
Other Free No
U.S. and Offshore Development, Art Production, Engine/Toolset Customization, Training and Support Services for Game and Simulation Development.

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Productive and Stable?

  by 282b6532d0cededbe6e0e2ce84d94e6f Jorthain Mar 23, 2011 at 16:06

It has been over two years since my last comment on this engine and little to nothing has happened in the way of progress to a full release. Realmware has still accepted payment for pre-release licenses. I hope for the sake of those that paid they eventually release a full version of their product. To all others I say: steer clear of this blue-baby. 03-23-11

I have been a big fan of this team over the last few months and still believe that they will eventually deliver a fantastic product. I do however think that "productive & stable" is an overstatement of V3D's current state. V3D is very much in Beta. If there was a stable and documented API I think that productive and stable would not be completely out of the question. Though there are many great features planned most currently lack the functionality, documentation, or stability to use even for prototyping. In V3D's defense this is based on the currently free Beta version. Hopefully when the release version finally arrives I will be able to return here and edit my review once more.

In closing let me say that if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of a potentially fantasic engine and don't mind being productive in other facets of your current projects (modeling, texturing, and asset creation in general) then I would highy recomend V3D and it's community. If you are pressed for time and need to get moving look into other solutions. 12-01-08

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Not what I expected

  by A9ed97632498904cea806ad81402d633 Squid7 Apr 24, 2010 at 15:09

This has great features and easy to use, but alot of the times, its realy laggy. The features are great, but does a poor job of making the features useable. As I already said it is pretty easy to use, but there are certian parts that are confusing. The support is okay, and the graphics arn't amazing. Over all I think this engine would be great for a small company. If you are trying to make a game and win game of the year, or best selling game, this isn't the engine for you.

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Looking forward to this maturing

  by 7da6428039853ba016b85caa1ad69a84 NosePicker Sep 10, 2008 at 19:34

This looks to be a very promising game engine. This is a review of their version 2.3 of their Beta. All I can say is that it is the first time I have been blown away my the ease of use of an engine even without looking at any documentation. Did I say documentation? There currently is only a scant few wiki docs to look at. The hardest thing to figure out thus far is importing of models.

Since it is still in beta it is still lacking a few areas, most noticeably is a none programmatic way of getting custom Avatars/characters/vehicles into the game. Also, I am not sure if where their AI is going. It looks like you may need to get a programmer on your team in order to put the "game" into this engine.

Again this is only beta 2.3, its going to be very interesting to see this one develop.

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Top-Notch Engine, with Toolset in Beta

  by 2c67e69a07d5973c1107e0363b8143a4 najak Aug 10, 2008 at 22:37


As the CTO of Realmware, I submitted this product entry and am writing this review to provide you a full run down of the current state of the Visual3D.NET game engine.

Visual3D.NET's game engine AAA world-class graphics will knock your socks off, with high performance and most of the latest capabilities and effects. Check it out for yourself. ( , and select Get it Now!)

To accompany these stellar graphics, you'll also appreciate the power of our All-in-One Toolset, which includes Model and Material Editors to facilitate an easier work flow, drag-drop scene building, Object Editor, Asset Explorer, World Explorer, and Screen Effects editing. More editors and design modes are being added monthly.

Visual3D.NET also includes default plug-ins for terrains, physics, audio, networking, GUI, and AI support.

The Terrain system is world-class, capable of rendering the entire Earth and is accompanied by a useful Earth Builder tool, and can consume real satellite imagery and DTED. Enables expansive worlds, and streaming detail seamlessly.

Although the product is currently labeled "Beta", it is being used by real applications with great success. The "Beta" label is being kept for a while longer until the Tool set becomes complete and catches up with the Game Engine, to enable artists and game creators to do their work without writing a single line of code. While at the same time, the strong C#/.NET API provides plenty of power for the programmers who want to create very customized behaviors and logic.

Visual3D.NET Version 1.0 will be released before the end of 2008, with a more complete tool set. I encourage you to "jump aboard" now, and get started with the Beta. Version 1.0 will be here before you know it.

All Beta releases are free to use for non-commercial use, and affordable pricing will be made available for all user types - Professionals, Indies, and students.

Come let Visual3D.NET help you make your dream into a reality. =)

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Easy Visual Development with All-in-One Development Tool in Visual3D v1.0

  by E58e54c744039641210cb9f2b191226d JDDev Dec 02, 2011 at 00:28

With Visual3D v1.0 (available now to beta testers, like myself), Visual3D Game Engine has come lightyears from where it began, especially when it comes to its easy-to-use All-in-One Development Tool.

The development tool included with the Visual3D Game Engine makes it easy for "visual" development of games and training simulation, providing everything you need - ranging from built-in Terrain Editor and Conversation Editor to Cinematics Editor and IronPython, C# or Visual Studio-based scripting - all in a single tool, instead of a "toolset" or series of unconnected tools and text editors like a lot of other engines provide.

And, for some licenses/editions, the development tool can even be included with your game as a kind of built-in "modding toolset" or "mission / map / scenario editor".

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Student Game Project - Making Headway

  by 35c5a4d9946c0830ced9d8c3dd427a42 foxieNicole Aug 22, 2011 at 19:04

I have just graduated highschool, and we selected Visual3D as the platform on which to build our game for school project. We had a few novice modelers, programmers, artists, writers, and musicians on the team, to create an educational game that emulates life in America when the settlers first came to New England territory.

We had a good time with importing our animated FBX models. Level design was easy. Hooking up triggers and scripts was easy too, but has a few tricks we had to learn to make them work right. I don't know if we'll be capable of completing this game for real, but we have made good progress on it, especially considering the age of our team members (high school).

Previous realmware employees have been helpful in getting us started and providing support when we had questions.

This program hardly ever crashes or locks up. It seems very stable. We were able to make it run fast on many types of PCs through the quality settings.

We are glad to have selected Visual3D for our project, and have really learned a lot from the experience. Thank you Realmware. Our programmers especially enjoyed the pure .NET/C# foundation of Visual3D which sped up their work, and made them very happy.

PS: I wish Realware would release version 1 soon. Maybe then we would be able to complete our game for real.

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Visual3D = The Only Engine+Toolset for C#, XNA & Visual Studio (Recently Updated with many new t

  by Adef83265963eed4eb16722677c5ef86 Nano64 Aug 22, 2011 at 04:39

The Visual3D Game Engine has made it much possible for me to develop next-gen games in C# (using Visual Studio and Microsoft XNA), while still cutting out the need for tedious coding, with its many visual tools.

It's been updated several times in the last month or two, with another major release expected soon, so it seems like development is not just continuing (unlike all other XNA-based engines to-date, such as Blade3D), but accelerating, even.

With the slurry of tutorial and docs updated, and video tutorial series, the documentation seems to be improving as well. There are still some features without much documentation, but mostly those are the ones just added or much improved in last update, and, considering all the doc updates recently made, I expect those will have video tutorials and updated docs as well soon.

The last release seems to have added lot more visual tools, which help in reducing the need for scripting and coding. But, not only do I like the visual tools that Visual3D provides (hence its name, possibly?), but also that it's not *just* a "game authoring toolset" as some alternatives are.

Visual3D is pretty much the only viable option I have seen as far as fully managed engines go -those written entirely in C#, for Microsoft .NET which work well with Visual Studio, and includes a powerful toolset. With Visual3D, I can create my own components in C# with Visual Studio, and have them automatically appear in Asset Explorer in the "All-in-One Development Tool" as they call it.

When play-testing my game, I can just hit F3 so that the toolset quickly shows up (overlayed around and hosted within my game window), so that I can just drag-drop my components from Asset Explorer onto my entities and avatars, and edit my game scenes and missions. Even while the game is running, I can use Visual Studio "Edit-and-Continue" to edit and debug my components, as well as many other parts of the game, considering the C# source provided for many core engine features, such as input handling and GUIs.

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Awesome Tools

  by 3abf50940bffcf835cfecccd0e75095b Juffowup Mar 20, 2010 at 11:53

Not many engines provide the tools Visual3D does. I've been searching for multiple engines for our game now, and when I came across Visual3D - it's Visual tools plus it's base in .NET has allowed us to be very productive and get things done quickly.

One of the main benefits is that they now offer source code. In my experience, to develop a good 3D game, you MUST have source code - and Visual3D offers that. Not only that, but the source is in .NET, so we've been able to use all of Visual Studio's productivity tools to develop with. Because of this we've been able to customize the engine exactly to our liking and have become very very productive with it.

That being said, it's still got some kinks to work out. Some tools and functionality still need some work, and are sometimes buggy, but with source we've been able to tackle some of those issues ourselves.

Of the 2 source licenses we've bought, I'd have to say, we're very very happy with our purchase.

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Visual3D Review

  by 607ef8502dae711eb8fac040fafba771 Xanthur34 Feb 28, 2010 at 19:00

I have only spent a short time with Visual3D, but I personally know one of the creators who showed me what was possible with it. Everything I have seen so far has been nothing short of amazing. The animation and visuals are great, although a little choppy at times. Of course, this is only the beta so I'm sure that will be remedied with great results. Taking control of vehicles and creatures is easy and entertaining. Every controlling input seems to run smoothly. Vehicles especially have a great terrain detection, bouncing over hills and rumbling over bumps. Giving commands to npcs seems to work well too, paths drawn for them are followed closely, changes in direction is recognized, and commands such as 'attack' always seem to work. I've only seen a few minor hiccups within the software's processing of information, but again I'm sure that that will all be fixed when the final version is ready. I look forward to getting the real product and using it for myself. I'm sure a lot of people will be able to take Visual3D's engine and make something great out of it.

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So easy even high school kids can use it!

  by 5bfa60ae1b2a4f059702eb24b4b8116d Sonicphi Feb 14, 2010 at 19:06

The engine is absolutly amazing, i have been developing a small simulator of my school for my last year(12º) project and its been realy awesome to work with this engine, its amazing how easy you can create stuff , evrything is ther you only need your imagination, even a new programer like me can create a simple game within a few months imagine an experienced one.

The only down side of the engine its that its not complete yet and has some bugs and a lack of support for some 3d formats but those issues are goign to be fixed when v1.0 comes out so its no problem :P

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So easy even high school kids can use it!

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 Anonymous Feb 14, 2010 at 19:05

The engine is absolutly amazing, i have been developing a small simulator of my school for my last year(12º) project and its been realy awesome to work with this engine, its amazing how easy you can create stuff , evrything is ther you only need your imagination, even a new programer like me can create a simple game within a few months imagine an experienced one.

The only down side of the engine its that its not complete yet and has some bugs and a lack of support for some 3d formats but those issues are goign to be fixed when v1.0 comes out so its no problem :P

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So promising, I bought a source license

  by 8393ad77d8810a1cec09e7df5d7e4de0 ToolmakerSteve Jan 06, 2010 at 00:18

After trying the downloads for this and several of the competing commercial products that have been around longer, I was much more comfortable with Visual3D, and purchased an indie license. It wasn't long before I was so into it, that I upgraded to a source license (cheap prices if do so while in Beta). I have even contributed some code to help import inexpensive Poser 3D models (not yet integrated into any released Beta).

What I liked about it:

* Sculpting terrain into mountains and then smoothing out areas for paths and mob interaction.

* "Painting" on terrain textures and even landcover, so quickly get large areas of terrain looking sweet.

* The "near + far" blending of textures, so terrain looks good both close-up and farther away.

* Tools worked the way I expected. For example, I can drag 3D models from Asset Explorer directly on to a scene. In general, an excellent use of familiar UI standards: dragging, tabbed pages of controls, extensive property lists for tweaking every detail.

* Sometimes tools worked even better than I expected. In Terrain editing mode, sculpting is ridiculously easy, as is painting on landcover. And then I discovered holding mouse wheel down (middle mouse button) let me rotate around a point of interest -- this is something I've long wanted to do in other packages. So easy to paint, turn, paint. [in Beta 6, this only works in Terrain editing mode.]

* Wandering around a scene in play mode, pausing it to re-arrange objects or even add new actors or props, then continuing play.

* Using Microsoft Visual Studio with C# or VB when I need to write a script. I had already used these languages for paid contract projects, and I love programming in these powerful languages.

Features I am looking forward to being more fully developed over the next month:

* visual drag-and-drop of behaviour, including triggered by scene location or nearby mob, from pre-built script components.

* Support for 16 different textures painted on to a single landscape (5 textures in the Beta I am using).

From everything I have seen, this product will make killer DirectX games once it is completed -- and it is getting quite close to having everything I need; this is why I bought now to get the cheaper Beta price.

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The engine is Awesome

  by 6978d8325bd072c4b24013fa2bcd001e josh_sg1 Dec 12, 2009 at 06:32


I am Josh_sg1 from the game mod and development community and I have to say that over any other engine I have worked with is unrivaled in the interface and how quickly you can get your models on screen and moving around.

Currently they have few tutorials and it is not finished but what they have so far is Amazing. Already they have support for collada and ogre formats and the animation works great, you can move your objects around on the model editor and make the doors of a building open and close without making a second model or knowing any animation, You can form the model door to open from code, as you can with planes, turrets, cars, all objects are drag and drop and scaleable like with most editors .

The great thing I liked about unlike the other engines is that the engine is made to look great for terrain and world scenes and that everything is not all props and hollywood scene looking. You have a nice sky and grass environment with unlimited world space and that makes already a really nice engine for Air Combat and RTS, Ground troops, FPS MMO , TPS, and the Physics .

You have other engines like Torque, and hero engine for large games, Torque is for 2007 games, and hero engine is a well put together development tool. I would invest in from the API that they work on . You can make your own custom Interface layout for your team, that works great for my project, a planned asset importer and team collaberation make the perfect new Professional Game Engine for Real Time Gameplay and Next Gen games .
Get the Trial today and you will know right away what I am talking about.

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Fully integrated for .NET Programming

  by Af552a6023dff2274b11db3dae500435 tanis3d Dec 12, 2009 at 06:04

Visual3D has the best looking toolset anywhere, and they are about to release version 1.0 according the roadmap. I'm planning to buy a professional seat license this month, as it's on sale for half-price promotional deal.

I can't believe the stunning graphics and performance at this price. The advanced materials and model editor make it easy for me to import my own models and supe them up to look superb! Unbelievable!

The design mode manipulation of objects is a snap to learn and use.

The terrain editor is out of this world! I'm getting quite good with it, creating some nice masterpieces.

This product has been 3 years in the making now -- and has blown me away.

I am a programmer. Of all the features here, the #1 thing for me is that Visual3D is fully written in .NET, which allows me to natively write my own code and components for it also in .NET! I love C#, and love that I can program with all of the luxurious convenience and speed that comes with .NET's fast compiles, sweet syntax, and most of -- Edit and Continue!!!

The support here is pretty good, with some very nice videos just being released to show me how to get things done! More are on the way.

Check out this single page here on World Building and Terrain Editor. Have you ever seen terrain editing inside a game engine look so sweet?

How are these guys offering so much for such a low price tag. This is a steal. Better buy now before the price goes up!

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One in a Million Game Engine

  by 688d66e75d8584ff85778ae202edbf6e Pancakes Sep 20, 2009 at 16:36

I've spent many months looking for a game engine. I've tried 2 other commercial engines that I purchased licenses to, however in the end I've purchased Visual3d.Net and it surprises me how good it really is.

This is a truly next-gen, triple A quality game engine. It's not 'little triple a' it's the real mccoy. I just encourage you to try it for yourself.

Only problem I have with it so far is lack of docs and bugs. But the engine is still in beta, and the support you get on the forums is really SUPERB. SUPERB SUPERB. I can't overstate the high level of quality concern and support and feedback you receive from the devs on the forums. It's really great.

Hopefully the community there will grow more and more (it's already pretty decent size for age) and the engine will continue. It's really highly recommeneded by me. Just look at the features list on the page. Those features are for real. I'm really impressed with this engine.

It's really top of the line. I think it's the best engine available for indies.

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Tried to be objective.

  by 09dded96eef6b0f6bfb79157bc6b6c90 chaogoesmu Jan 27, 2009 at 01:12

I will warn first off that I am a little biased in favor of this game. I am co-lead programmer of a team that is working with Realmware on a project creating a game and we have a good relationship with Realmware. That being said however, we have not once asked Realmware any questions about functions usability etc. or needed to do so other than their public forums in creating our game. We have spent a month and a half working on this engine and if we wanted to we could create a functioning third person devil may cry/god of war style brawler in a matter of weeks if we wanted to go that route (not polished mind you). Likewise we could create a first person shooter in the same amount of time. The only thing that we have not really figured out is how to create a GUI, but that’s because none of the other programmers really want to poke it with sticks yet. Keeping that in mind, there are a number of things about this engine that you and your team should recognize before even considering using this.

This post is being made as of 1.26.09 as of 1.31.09, all their animations and how they work will be shifting according to their roadmap version 3.3 note 8.2 . This means a rewrite of a lot of code if you are to keep up with the current build which is why we are waiting a few days to get that written, not much point in writing it twice. However after this we are planning on writing our entire games vertical slice and having it ready and playable for presentation with a two month development cycle, three weeks to program, five weeks to refine what we have to perfection. The vital thing to note about this engine as illustrated above is that it is still in beta. These changes have to be expected, and you have to watch the roadmap of future changes to the engine and be willing to adapt to what is on the wind, or write off work that you do as temporary until the next big update comes out.

Experience working with this engine as compared to UT3 and other commercial engines: The development process for V3D DOES take longer then working with UT3 for making a first person shooter simply because with other games you have access to a wide variety of tutorials, but that is to be expected of more popular and wider used engines. However, that being said, making anything new in V3D becomes remarkably faster as you are not limited by the scripting language. IE to create an attack dog in UT3, you take their pawn, and give it a weapon that does short range damage, and adds a forward thrust when it uses it, then make the weapon invisible or make it the teeth forcing animation through there. In V3D, you really make an attack dog, no smoke and mirrors necessary. The smoke and mirrors are still possible, but why would you bother unless you are constraining your team? ANYTHING you want to do in this engine, you can. Want to make a walker that’s legs really walk without diving code for a decade? OK! Create a physics object chain, modify the weights and things as you want, then launch the foot as a physics item! UT3 you can do this as well, but how many guides do you have to go through before you understand the basics of it? After all, do you really want your animators to try to animate a creature with eight legs? If so you really don’t like them ;) The amount of possibilities open in this engine still causes me to go all fan boy on it and come up with new ideas. I’m currently toying with about 15 different concepts, we will probably develop multiple games and play them to see which deserve attention then start the polish process. Rapid development? Is there a language faster than C# other then scripting? I can’t sing praises high enough. However it is not getting a perfect score simply because it’s in beta. To be fair, when you see this go gold you should wipe all ratings and start fresh again.

Features: whats there is very well done, but they are not there yet. What is coming in 3 days though? oh lordy, two more features and I'm good with five stars here.

Ease of use: until they make it all accessible to someone other than a code monkey it's only us going nuts over it, but to a code monkey, oh the toys. to me:5, to a non coder, 3, I'll take the average here.

stability etc: I've had some problems, but not with v3.2 and that's across 11 computers as we are speaking of personal and work boxes for me and my team. Requirements to run smooth at high settings are high, but this is a beta product, by the time it goes gold not a big issue.

support: those problems I mentioned pre v3.2? yeah, answered and solved within 24 hours, except for once which was a bad windows install, nothing to do with Realmware.

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Visual3D.NET Game Engine

  by 1872ef0dc3fcd8f9640b8426c63db4b2 enum_bossman Jan 26, 2009 at 04:23

For some reason this didn't show up as under my account, but instead as anonymous. Hopefully I have better luck this time.

My team and I have been using Visual3D.NET for the past couple months and have been having pretty good success. Keep in mind the engine is still in beta, but it's progressing along very fast and nicely. With each new build, there are more features and things are getting much easier to use. Realmware's editor software (the architect) is easy to use and provides much functionality to the level designers and other non-programmers on the team. The support for the engine has been superb. The forums on their website are amazing. I have been able to get answers to any questions I've had in two days or less on average. The community is strong and the Wiki is actively evolving with many tutorials.

The API is stable and using C# is easy and efficient. Models are easily imported into the editor and manipulated both code and editor side. I've seen the progression over the past couple months and am very excited to see it continue to evolve.

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  by 5ef58915efeb72aa8e641cc340a737be GameDev194723 Jan 25, 2009 at 19:08

While still in development, this engine is very promising. The team building it is very focused on making an incredibly easy and intuitive user interface. Being a new engine, the community is still budding and growing, but this will increase with time. While gameplay features are currently still in production (pre beta 1.0), other features such as their terrain engine (World Builder, to be more precise) is unparalleled by anything I've seen in any other engine. Other promising aspects are the performance requirements (very low for what you get on screen) and the use of C# over C++ for more rapid programming.

Check out their main site:

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great engine with fantastic development cycle

  by 3e2445de18dd3f031c442d1f4b5d0687 jonathon_stevens Jan 13, 2009 at 21:16

One of the things that attracted me to this engine the most was how much work is being done on the engine every month. We see consistent releases and constant updates to the engine, which can often be hard to find (or costly) with other engines.

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Great engine with great dev support

  by E6fb7753bee974e16ac15f07cd609571 DHS_Maverick Dec 28, 2008 at 09:49

This is a very promising game engine, They have a great set of tools, a very detailed roadmap on their site where they detail what the dev team is working on and when they expect it to be complete. Their dev team is working on a set of tutorials for there 3.3 release, due out Jan 09'

I feel when they release their MMO addon's this engine will be the best choice on the market for MMORPG style games.

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Great Engine

  by Ae2112049c7b1708899d0f354b19afb0 Nexus Sep 29, 2008 at 15:29

This Engine is XNA based.
You get many AAA Game feature and a good performence. The Visual3D Editor is amazing and productive!

Could be a new Indie Game Engine Star is born.

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Game Engine of the Future

  by Db5c36daab6527e6da5f6c3907113b06 Mindphaser Sep 19, 2008 at 04:41

First of all, I'm not pretending and can honestly and proudly say that I'm a one of Realmware development team.
I think I don't need to tell more about advantages of Visual3D.NET, many of it's benefits are described here already.
Though need to say that I see from inside it's very fast maturing, almost every day new features are added and toolset is improved. All developers are working hard at day and night for making powerful progress. That's very pleasant to see when the result of your work looks attractive and useful, especially I very like this.
And for programmers this engine is top-notch, any features, that they can imagine, can be done quite easily in C#.
Nevertheless any of useful features that can be requested by beta-users or just imagined (and even more) are added continuously into Visual3D.NET to make it outstanding.
Can't say how support looks from outside, but team tries to make best effort, no one stays without answer, and resolving of any possible issues is going on as soon as possible.

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potentially the greatest investment for any good mod team with higer aspirations

  by 8ec36b68bfeec70bea24da692bf23728 Leddhedd Sep 15, 2008 at 17:40

After clearing up a few hiccups with my personal life, i got back to working with my Dev team about a month ago.
As i got talking to one of the team leaders to get an update and i discovered we had migrated from CE2. (cry engine 2)
well when he got raving about this new engine i thought "oh great, he has found a new toy to play with, now im going to have to re-learn the whole developer interface"
well to my surprise, and a pleaseant surprise it was too, the engine is absolutely spectacular.
I Downloaded the Beta and i was able to create terrain almost instantly, i could manipulate and edit 3D assets in the engine in minutes.
i was, for want of a better phrase, Gobsmaked.
it took me nearly 3 weeks to get any basic terrain and assets into CE2, and the fact we all had to wait for developer kits and other assorted compatibility issues to be resolved, the whole project seemed pointless and impossible.
After fiddling around with this game developing environment, i am completely convinced that a complete game is easily within our grasp, and not just a game, but a high quality game, with graphic AT LEAST EQUAL TO CRYSIS and physics that can go above and beyond any preconceptions i ever had.
i am completely enthused about this opportunity and with the continued support and great design that the developers have got going, they are going to be responsible for some of the greatest games of 2008-2012.
Potential doesnt even begin to describe it, this engine has the ability to give designers God like abilities.
Just give the command and it will be done. no more faffing around with 2 different 3d apps, exporting from one file format to another using a flawed file format, corrupting all your hard work in the proccess,just to get the model to work.
I am deeply gratefull to the developers and community that are making this engine great.
This engine does not, just yet, have crytek like abilities, but as i said before, the potential of the engine, and what it is going to become, combined with what it already has, is what im giving it such a good rating for


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Game Engine Shooting for the Stars and Beyond

  by Ac88ee36038cca2285191516815f5bd6 GravitySpec Sep 14, 2008 at 20:05

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am one of a handful of people with the honor of developing Visual3D.NET for Realmware. Though I cover quite a few areas inside and outside of the product, my normal stomping grounds are in the GUI and Networking area. As an avid gamer and programmer, it is my dream to gather my resources while developing the toolset to put into action developing a game of my own that I have been planning for about 2 years now. With this as my motivation, it is ultimately in my best interest to help push the envelope with developing this engine and toolset.

Now on to the meat of the review!

"More features than you can shake a stick at", that about sums it up. With advanced features found in other AAA engines, Visual3D.NET is carving out its own turf and won't stop there. With each release comes new, more efficient next-gen techniques that close the gap with existing top-of-line engines.

Ease of Use:
Developing games is a complex task to say the least. Visual3D.NET was developed from the ground up with mindset of being easiest to use toolset available. All key tools are neatly organized and are one mouse click away, with most sub-tools being about 2-3 clicks away. Artists and developers alike shouldn't have to dig deep into their tools to find what they are looking for.

Stability and Performance:
The team behind Visual3D.NET works hard to address every bug, performance bottleneck, or other issue that comes their way. New releases are about 2-3 weeks apart with constant improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations coming out with each release.

Visual3D.NET offers many ways to get help. The most direct ways are e-mail and the forums. As Visual3D.NET grows, the wiki is constantly expanded with new information on how to get the most out of Visual3D.NET. Most help requests in the forum are answered within 24-48 hours.

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Great for Content Creators

  by 033d361e7049f396cf4ad91d6f72fe22 juntingzhao Sep 13, 2008 at 02:57

This engine has a great art pipeline for content creators, with support for auto-importing (and re-importing) , and is optimized for COLLADA (.dae). It makes it pretty easy to build worlds, without having to spend so much time in tedious programming, and this is getting much better with new tools for building up and using asset libraries and object databases, especially with the recent (and upcoming) improvements for building entity models, scripting (and visual scripting), and cinematics.

I look forward to trying out one-click deployment, when finished, to start showing off what I create =)

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