Quine Engine

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Feb 03, 2014


Supported Platforms:
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Xbox, Playstation, PSP, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, iOS, Browser-based, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Other

Languages Written In:
C/C++, Obj-C

Languages Supported:
C/C++, Java, C#, Obj-C

Graphics APIs:
OpenGL, DirectX, Software Renderer, Other

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Quine Engine is a cross-platform real-time 3D engine, which lets you fully unleash your talent and achieve great business results. Quine Engine is the complete professional development framework. All the tools you need to create a great games, advanced visualizations and detailed 3D simulations.

Supported Features


● Object-Oriented Design

● Plug-in Architecture

● Save/Load System

● Multiplatform Framework

● Multiple API Renderer

● Multicore CPU support

● Multi GPGPU support

● SIMD optimalizations

● Memory managment system

● Performance profiling tools

● Save/restore system

● Data compression & encryption

● XML-based data structures

● Stereo Rendering

● Raytracing

● Raycasting

● Deferred Shading

● Render-to-Texture

● Fonts



● Per-pixel

● Volumetric

● Lightmapping

● Radiosity

● Gloss maps

● Anisotropic

● Per-pixel dynamic lighting

● SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion)

● Real-time global illumination

● Different types of lighting models (Phong, Anisotropic)

● Ellipsoid lights with different attenuations

● Light maps support

● Light scattering

● Special light source type based on spherical harmonics

● Per-surface light masks


● Shadow Mapping

● PSSM (Parallel Split Shadow Map)

● Soft shadows

● Translucence

● Per-surface shadowing settings

● Configurable shadow ambient


● Multi-texturing

● Bumpmapping

● Mipmapping

● Volumetric

● Projected

● Procedural

● Hierarchy of materials with parameter’s inheritance and overloading

● Normal mapping

● Parallax occlusion mapping

● Specular maps

● Emission textures

● Glow textures with blur

● Arbitrary polygon offset

● Dynamic transformations of UV coordinates

● Alpha testing support

● Different blending functions

● Special foliage material

● Materials with double texture set (tile and detail)

● Support of 16bit precision per channel for textures


● Vertex

● Pixel

● High Level Shader Model 5.0 support (vertex, hull, domain, geometry, pixel and compute shaders)


● Mesh Loading

● Skinning

● Progressive

● Tessellation

● Deformation Hardware tessellation support

Scene Management

● General


● Portals

● Octrees

● Occlusion Culling


● Dynamic asynchronous data streaming

● Data streaming (dynamic data loading in the background)

● Support of zone-based loading

● Object hierarchy

● Seamlessly interconnected indor and outdoor scenes

● Software occluders

● Dynamic tree-based subdividing (outdoor)

● Portal rendering (indoor)

● Advanced LOD system

● Terrain: up to 65537 x 65537 cells in size = 65.537 km2

● Dynamic worlds merging

● 9 LODs for the terrain with full geomorphing

● Full-scene serialization


● Inverse Kinematics

● Forward Kinematics

● Skeletal Animation

● Animation Blending Multiple API render: OpenGL / Direct3D 9 / Direct3D 10 / Direct3D 11


● Rendering


● Splatting


● Basic Physics

● Collision Detection

● Rigid Body

● Vehicle Physics

● Collision detection

● Rigid body physics

● Dynamical destruction of objects

● Rag doll physics

● Inverse kinematics

● Vehicles

● Cloth physics

● Fluid buoyancy

● Force fields

● Time reverse feature


● Client-Server

● Steam API Support

Artificial Intelligence

● Scripted


Support of virtually unlimited number of 3D sound sources

● Streaming of sounds

● Doppler effect

● Sound occlusion

● Multiple reverberation zones

● Playback of WAV and OGG files

● Support of OpenAL and Xaudio 2 libraries


● OGG video files support

Tools & Editors

● Visual world editor WYSIWYG (zero compile time)

● Advanced material editor with hierarchy support

● Physics editor

● Terrain editor

● Set of archiving tools

● Set of converter tools

● Set of tools for complete project workflow release


● Rendered via Multiple Render API Interface!

● Trying to keep a step with similarity with Qt but it is NOT a Qt!

● Comprehesive set of widgets, containers and dialogs

● Qt widgets support up to Qt 5.x.x (just UI XML based format)

● 3D effects

● UI Core files in XML format

● Localization packs support

● TTF support

● Unicode (UTF8) support

● Microsoft IME support for Easten languages

● Video playback (OGG Theora)

● FLASH flv, swf support


● Objected-oriented programming

● Similar to C++ we allow developers to direct compile their code into shared library to keep it save for a final release.

● Built-in fast 3D mathematics (vector, matrices and quaterions with all corresponding functions)

● Access to GPGPU (CUDA or OpenCL)

● Multi-threading support

● Transparent interconnection with external C++ functions and classes

● Virtual machine with full state saving/restoring

● Byte-code compiler (with caching support) and optimizer

● Regular expressions support

● Built-in debugger and performance profiler

● Well-documented library of functions and classes (more than 5000 functions)


● PC keyboards

● PC mice

● PC joysticks

● Xbox 360 gamepads

● Xbox 360 Kinect

● Nintendo Wii Remote

● SixAxis gamepads (PlayStation 3)

● Wacom tablet support

● Multi-touch screens

● C++ API for adding custom devices


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary $100,000.00 Yes
full source code license full SDK, including 48 months of priority technical support
Proprietary $15,000.00 No
full SDK only, including 6 months of priority technical support
Other $50,000.00 Yes
source code academy license per university, full SDK, including 48 months of priority technical support and close collaboration
Other $10,000.00 No
academy license per university full SDK only
Other $1,500.00 No
education license per student full SDK only.


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