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Built on C#/XNA, allows you to create games for Windows or the Xbox360. Provides a clean game architecture from which to start your own game.

Main features: * Entity/Component hierarchy and messaging system makes creating your own custom types very easy. * Terrain engine built-in, includes quad-tree culling, multi-texture splatting w/normal mapping, and smoothing and scaling of terrain. * Physic engine integration, uses JigLibX Physics Engine. JigLibX uses C#, so it is fully compatible with the Xbox 360. * Rendering/material system allows you to make your own shaders and pass variables to them very easily. * Rendering system supports normal mapping, texturing, shadow mapping, particle systems, transparency (lacking sorting currently), and water planes (transparency, reflection, and refraction, and a simple water fog). * Character controller allows you to give physics and input to your character and move them easily.

Note: Is currently in Alpha phase, so it is lacking a level editor/loader at the moment. As it stands the engine is probably great for a developer with programming experience to pick up and make a game with, however, because it has no editor I would not currently recommend the engine to an artist or designer.

Supported Features


  • Object-Oriented Design Entity/Component hierarchy. Object-oriented design. Message system keeps systems completely decoupled. Very easy to communicate with any entity or system in the engine.


  • Splatting Terrain splatting, supports up to three texture types, and a normal map for each texture type. Terrain uses quad-tree method for culling. Built-in terrain smoothing, and scaling to allow for large scenes.


  • Rigid Body Physics system integrated with JigLibX. Allows for both simple shapes as well as triangle mesh (polygon soup) convex shapes.


  • 3D Sound Sound integration is preliminary.


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Open Source Free Yes
Uses Ms-PL license (free to use).

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