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The Offset Engine is a complete platform for creating next generation games. Though it aims to be a top tier engine, OE is not just built with large developers in mind. Every aspect of the engine is designed around the goal of reducing development time and cost, while empowering designers and artists with the tools they need to create spectacular visual effects and immersive environments.

In February 2008, Intel acquired Offset Software, but was eventually shutdown in mid-2010. The founders of Offset Software have moved to a new game development studio named Fractiv LLC.

Supported Features


  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Plug-in Architecture
  • Save/Load System
  • Other

  • Stereo Rendering
  • Raytracing
  • Raycasting
  • Deferred Shading
  • Render-to-Texture
  • Voxel
  • Fonts
  • GUI
  • Post processing can be set up in the C++ code by "chaining" together passes. Any pass can be used as the input to another pass, allowing for elaborate effects
  • Post processing shaders can be created in the node based shader editor, just like any other shade
  • The Offset Engine uses a fully 64-bit floating point HDR rendering pipeline. This allows pixels to encode color values which are brighter than the displayable range of the monitor, enabling cinematic color precision.
  • Motion Blur
  • Sky
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Decals
  • Fog
  • Weather
  • Mirror
  • Similar to Offset’s shader builder system, particle effects also use a node based approach. This allows for very complex effects to be created by artists without the need for a programmer. "Super emitter" type effects and particles that change their properties based on various conditions are trivial to set up. Artists familiar with 3dsmax’s "Particle Flow" system will be right at home with the Offset Engine.
  • Particles work seamlessly with the engine’s motion blur system. Even the simplest of effects, such as the simple black square texture above, is brought to life with motion blur
  • Every particle can casts its own shadow into the scene


  • Lightmapping Several different types of light sources are supported, including omni light, omni projector, spotlight, spotlight projector, directional, and sky light. The projector lights have the ability to cast any shader into the scene, allowing for interesting projected effects such as caustics or "strobing" effects.


  • Shadow Mapping
  • Projected planar
  • Shadow Volume
  • The Offset Engine uses a texture based shadowing approach, utilizing hardware shadow mapping technology when available. All objects in the world are affected uniformly by shadowing, with correct self-shadowing on characters and other complex objects. Shadow softness and resolution can be controlled on a per light basis.
  • Shadow have the ability to conform their shape to any normal maps that are applied to a surface, a new technique we dub "displacement shadow mapping"
  • Shadows work correctly with shader-based opacity, with light passing through the transparent regions


  • Basic
  • Multi-texturing
  • Bumpmapping
  • Mipmapping
  • Volumetric
  • Projected
  • Procedural
  • Effects such as motion blur, depth of field, and specular bloom are all possible with the engine’s post processing architecture.
  • The Offset Engine is the first engine to utilize true cinematic quality motion blur on all objects. Rather than being something that is applied as a simple special effect, the motion blur works uniformly on everything that gets rendered, including moving and deforming objects and particles. This, combined with unified lighting, shading, and shadowing, bridges the gap in quality between real time and prerendered graphics.
  • The engine fully supports normal mapping technology, which allows source art comprised of millions of polygons to be reduced to just a few thousand polygons with no apparent loss of detail.


  • Vertex
  • Pixel
  • High Level
  • The node based shader system used by the shader builder is integrated tightly with the rest of the engine. All shader code is internally generated on the fly as the engine runs, without the need to save code out to external files.
  • Programmers that wish to extend the capabilities of the shader editor may do so by adding "shader modules". These are small, simple to create XML files which define the behavior of the shader nodes.
  • With other engines, often multiple versions of the same shader must be created for the shader to work under different lighting conditions. The Offset Engine, on the other hand, automatically generates all the necessary permutations for the shader to work in any lighting environment
  • The Offset Engine’s advanced shader system allows artists to create elaborate effects without needing a programmer. Complex effects which might normally take a programmer several hours to create and debug can now be created by an artist in seconds.

Scene Management

  • General
  • BSP
  • Portals
  • Octrees
  • Occlusion Culling
  • PVS
  • LOD


  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Forward Kinematics
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Morphing
  • Facial Animation
  • Animation Blending


  • Rendering


  • Basic Physics
  • Collision Detection
  • Rigid Body
  • Vehicle Physics


  • Client-Server
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Master Server

Artificial Intelligence

  • Pathfinding
  • Decision Making
  • Finite State Machines
  • Scripted
  • Neural Networks


  • 3D Sound


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very cute engine

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 Kamulus Jun 30, 2010 at 23:43

This engine is one of the most powerful actually I think.
Because its features are very in fact of what is done in the video game industry at the moment, and also its tools are very intuitive and do not require a great understand of a game engine, as you can see in the project offset's videos.

My review :
Features : 5/5
Ease of Use : Unknown
Stability & perf : Unknown
Support : Unknown

I am so excited for the release of their game....

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