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Supported Platforms:
Windows, Mac OS X, Browser-based

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Graphics APIs:
OpenGL, DirectX

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GameCore is an advanced 3d game development suite allowing for rapid development of PC, Mac & Web-deployable games. With integrated WYSIWYG Visual World Creation, Menu / UI, FX and Object preview tools, GameCore is the only true ‘integrated development suite’ for creating 3d games. Helios Interactive provides regular updates, commercial support, expansive documentation & video tutorials for our active, friendly developer community. GameCore Indie is available for FREE - give it a try today! Console & Mobile editions coming soon…

Supported Features


  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Save/Load System
  • designed specifically for team-based development (including automatic svn merge support etc)
  • toolset available for PC & Mac
  • Export to Mac / PC / Web Browser (including social networks such as Facebook)
  • Full toolset is WYSIWYG
  • the most intuitive art pipeline on the market
  • Fully featured, multiple shipped titles
  • Configurable renderer supporting DirectX, OpenGL (shader) and OpenGL fixed function
  • the only true ‘end to end’ game development solution
  • procedural ‘spline-based’ geometry creation for rapid road creation (as well as fences, hallways & much more)
  • procedural sky system including time of day, variable cloud cover
  • control over everything from script
  • Raycasting
  • Deferred Shading
  • Render-to-Texture
  • Fonts
  • GUI
  • complete UI / Menu editor with all standard UI widgets (buttons, scroll bars, combo boxes etc)
  • Font generation (from TTF / etc)
  • Integrated MPEG video rendering / output
  • standard & super-sampled screenshot output (upwards of 10000x10000+ screenshots for print)
  • configurable render layers (load objects / worlds on top of UI elements, configurable render layers (choose to apply post-process effects to your menu / ui or not)
  • Environment Mapping
  • Lens Flares
  • Billboarding
  • Particle System
  • Depth of Field
  • Sky
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Decals
  • Fog
  • Weather
  • Mirror
  • procedural sky system including time of day, variable cloud cover & wind
  • complete visual FX system with WYSIWYG editor
  • particle emitters
  • beams
  • decals
  • realtime planar reflections
  • realtime cubic environment map generation
  • global or per-object cubic environment maps
  • generate environment maps (spherical or cubic) within the world editor
  • specular map can be used as a reflection mask for realtime planar reflections or cubic environment maps
  • Splines powerful procedural spline-based road geometry creation (powerlines, fences, roads, hallways & much more)


  • Per-vertex
  • Per-pixel
  • Lightmapping
  • Radiosity
  • Gloss maps
  • Anisotropic
  • advanced surface / material editor allows easy customization of surfaces
  • dynamically scaling renderer uses advanced per-pixel rendering on higher detail levels and per-vertex rendering for lower detail levels
  • customizable ‘stack-based’ post-processing support including HDR, Bloom, SSAO, Depth of Field & more
  • 64 bit render pipeline
  • offline lightmaps (with radiosity / ambient occlusion)
  • true 64 bit HDR / Bloom
  • Screenspace Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)


  • Shadow Mapping
  • Projected planar
  • perspective split shadow maps (with configurable depth)
  • configurable shadow quality & shadow map texture size allows scaling for a wide range of hardware
  • configure on a per-object basis which objects cast & receive shadows
  • offline lightmapping (with radiosity & ambient occlusion calculations)
  • projected ‘blob’ shadows


  • Basic
  • Multi-texturing
  • Bumpmapping
  • Mipmapping
  • Projected
  • supports tga, bmp, jpg, png, gif (including animated gifs), ogg theora for textures
  • dynamic texture streaming
  • supports dxt / direct textures (.dds)
  • advanced surface / material editor allows easy customization of surfaces
  • flipbook texture animation
  • diffuse, normal, displacement, specular & detail mapping
  • cel-shading & other advanced surface styles
  • multi-pass & multi-sample texture / surface support
  • render to texture can be used to project cameras onto any surface


  • Vertex
  • Pixel
  • High Level
  • DirectX & OpenGL shader-based renderers
  • OpenGL fixed function ‘backwards compatible’ renderer for older hardware
  • advanced surface / material editor allows easy customization of surfaces
  • ‘uber-shader’ dynamically configures the shaders used in a particular world and automatically compiles & cache’s the shaders to streamline load times.


  • Mesh Loading
  • Skinning
  • Progressive
  • Deformation
  • supports 3ds, obj, milkshape 3d (ms3d), FBX, lightwave (lwo, lws) 3d formats
  • support for up to 32 points per poly
  • automatic optimization & caching of geometry for optimized load times

Scene Management

  • General
  • Octrees
  • Occlusion Culling
  • LOD
  • configurable occlusion meshes
  • unlimited LOD level per object
  • configurable minimum detail level to allow downscaling of games for lower-end hardware
  • automatic scaling of LOD depth, farclip & other rendering features based on user-configurable detail settings


  • Forward Kinematics
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Morphing
  • Facial Animation
  • Animation Blending
  • supports forward kinematics
  • advanced motion blending with motion channels
  • full support for unlimited morphs targets / blend shapes per mesh (up to 6 active morphs per mesh at one time)
  • reuse of motions across multiple characters / objects
  • dynamic control over animations, control speed / scale of animations dynamically from script at runtime
  • script-based control over morph targets
  • surface editor provides integrated vertex animation support (trees / grass / water) without external modeling / animation required
  • supports FBX, Milkshape 3d & Lightwave (LWS) model loading for animations


  • Rendering
  • realtime terrain editor with terrains up to 4096x4096 (mesh density) and up to tens of kilometers in size
  • procedural foliage / object spawning (trees / rocks / grass)
  • procedural ‘fin’ geometry generation & spawning for procedural grass
  • height-based texture rules for automatic / rapid texturing of large terrains (snow at the tops of mountains, sand at water-level etc)
  • automatic water creation with configurable water level
  • any number of texture layers
  • any number of terrains per world, terrains can be rotated & positioned as desired (cave ceilings / walls etc)
  • import / export heightmaps
  • multiple configurable terrain brushes (raise / lower, smooth, add noise, etc)


  • Basic Physics
  • Collision Detection
  • Rigid Body
  • Vehicle Physics
  • ODE based physics
  • visual physics editing for collision meshes, joints & inter-object connections
  • bouyancy, wind & air resistance
  • full support for all ODE features


  • Client-Server
  • Master Server
  • ANY content can be streamed from the web (simply put an http:// url and load dynamic content from any online source), including textures, objects, audio
  • GameCore ‘Cloud’ provides a complete back-end account management / registration system
  • Facebook integration (automatic browser-based login for web-embedded games)
  • Peer to Peer (with full NAT traversal system)
  • Client / server gameplay with dedicated servers
  • Message of the Day
  • Match making
  • Leaderboards
  • Roaming user profiles / save games
  • Game metrics / statistics system

Artificial Intelligence

  • Pathfinding
  • Decision Making
  • Finite State Machines
  • Scripted
  • Integrated visual pathfinding creation / editing
  • procedural traffic / object spawning system (for cars / pedestrians / enemy NPCs) ala GTA etc
  • script-based AI support for advanced FSM behaviors


  • 2D Sound
  • 3D Sound
  • Streaming Sound
  • Supports WAV / Ogg Vorbis & Theora for sound & video
  • can play videos on ANY surface
  • supports both persistent & streaming audio (from disk)
  • can load remote / streaming audio (streaming from the network)

Tools & Editors

  • The GameCore IDE incorporates 5 separate modes:
  • World Builder : Easy to use WYSIWYG object placement & manipulation
  • Menu Editor : Visual Menu / Interface / HUD design
  • Object Viewer : Object Preview tool
  • FX Editor : visual FX creation
  • Texture Editor : texture manipulation / creation tool, including pressure sensitivity (for tablet users)


  • Entire toolset is script-driven & object-oriented
  • full script API of over 1000 functions across dozens of classes, from low-level Matrix & networking to high level game logic & save game functionality and everything in-between.
  • control every aspect of your game from script
  • uses AngelScript, an intuitive C-style syntax. Anyone that has used javascript or php will pick up the scripting with little to no training.


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary Free No
GameCore Indie
Proprietary $1,500.00 No
GameCore Professional
Proprietary Free Yes
GameCore Studio

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Too bad this engine died.

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 wrapscallionn Sep 04, 2012 at 06:28

The sky system alone made this thing the equal of Unity. It had/has bugs, but since you can't download it to see anymore, might as well just take this one out of your database.

This engine/editor had a chance to become something great. Too bad.

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A game engine for indie developers to watch out for.

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 renderwerx Jun 01, 2012 at 21:27

Now that Game Core is free for indie developers, Game Core has outrun the free version of Unity 3D and if the performance issues are fixed for the next version update - Game Core will be the King for indie developers.

Even with the free version, you get really more than with ANY other freely available commercial grade engine.

Right now, because of some performance hick-ups, the developer heavily needs to concentrate to make the content as low poly as possible. With that, Game Core is not as forgiving as Unity with heavy terrains or entire city scapes.

The build in screen effects like camera noise, bloom, screen space AO, HDR lighting, give any game created with Game Core the needed competitive edge to win out with visually compelling games.

Another extremely important startup feature especially for indie developers is the AI system that comes with Game Core which is not to be found in Unity 3D for example - another big plus for GC.

The scripting language, anyone who has developed with Unity 3D will feel at home. Its API is rather easy to understand and has good documentation to get around and get things done.

Learning paths can be found via GameCore's youtube channel.
There are at the time of writing 31 viddeo tutorials, explaining various aspects of the game engine to get kick-started.

A game engine for indie developers to watch out for.

5 Stars

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Dead engine , not serious author !

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 YanSolo Dec 12, 2011 at 15:49

It was "Beyond Virtual" at beginning, they stopped a year any post or support ,
Than come back naming it Game Core with highter prices !
Now it's same things , forums are dead, no more reponses from a year and more about the author of the engine again.
His goal was always money making with the engine, I baught it one time , no two times the same mistake.
For me it's dead engine also; and more important the guy behind the engine have prooven he is not serious at all , and not professionnal with clients.
He could at least found the courage to say : I stopped, i wont' respond no more !

Its useless mentionning this engien , It should be removed from the list !

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Very promising engine, but it needs some work

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 the_bloodwalker Mar 28, 2011 at 05:24

I tried the indie version and I was impressed on the feature list the engine has. Having experience in writing games from code and using an engine like Unity I chose to give it a try.

Feature wise, the indie version offers more than Unity, specially the water and shadows out of the box and the interface is pretty good. Easy to use, the guides and tutorials are great and the support forum gives good advices when stuck.

However, this engine has one problem in the current version (2.5). is that the island demo may run pretty slow on your computer compared to the bootcamp demo in Unity 3. The issue can be fix by shutting off post processing and real time lightning, but for a start is starts to be a little let down. It gives the impression that the engine has some bottlenecks that need to be fixed for the next release 3.0.

If I see that 3.0 has this problem solved. I will switch from unity to gamecore without second thoughts

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