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The CSP Game Engine is a simple, single player, first person perspective shooter game engine for Win32 and DirectX 7 and higher, written in Blitz3D. It is a closed Source Project, the system contains a number of gameplay features and it can be used to create playable, complete FPS Games right out of the box.

Supported Features


  • Other
  • Works also with older hardware (No shaders required).
  • No programming or recompiling required. Scripting
  • Per-Entity Determination and Gameplay Features.
  • Flexible Configuration. Built-in Editors
  • Interior Dropper: fly by and drop things.
  • NPC Waypoint Recorder.
  • Misc Utilities included.
  • Sky
  • Water Sky, underwater, grass, gloom


  • Basic
  • Supported textures: BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, PCX, DDS (DXT1/3/5).
  • Various texture mapping modes: diffuse, alpha, masked, spherical and more.


  • Mesh Loading
  • Animated NPC meshes may be 3DS, X (dx7 compliant "rotation/move/scale") or B3D (bones, multi-texturing).
  • Loads 3DS, X (dx7 compliant), B3D (blitz) static or animated meshes as level objects.
  • Supports multi-texturing using the B3D format (e.g. light-mapped building).


  • Rendering


  • 2D Sound
  • 3D Sound
  • Loads WAV, MP3 and OGG as 3D sound objects that can be positioned.
  • Supports DirectShow movies for game intro, level intro, level end, players death cut-scenes.

Tools & Editors

  • Grass system that allows one to define grass areas.
  • Skybox options.
  • Lights with flares and doors are defined only once: by filename.
  • Toolset contains a tree mesh creator as well as a tool to create pseudo-volumetric light beam meshes.


  • The engine allows one to make use of some special objects. The special functions are controlled by their objects "Action Strings". These allow one to use any mesh as a certain item/object.
  • High configurability through a number of CFG files for things like camera settings, language, HUD layout, ambient light, enemy view range, footstep sounds etc.


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary Free No
Free for non-commercial projects.
Proprietary $99.00 No
Unlimited Commercial Publisher License

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