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Coffee Technologies

Aug 07, 2013


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Coffee, the engine, is a full Game Development SDK, allowing you to create prototypes, visualizations, and even softwares or complete games. It’s written in C++, with careful design and implementations. It’s based on a single Indie licensing model, ideal for you if you are either a student learning C++ and game development, either an independent game developer.

Supported Features


Generalized automatic serialization / reflection
Generalized module architecture
Generalized resources management with instancing support
Full fixed time step support
Abstracted file system
Basics classes, maths, time, logger, error handling, ...
Basic input handling (mouse, keyboard)
Multi-platform architecture with extreme external dependencies minimization


OpenGL 2.1 with next-gen extensions support
Customizable deferred rendering pipeline
Gamma correction / linear space rendering
High Dynamic Range rendering (HDR) support
Physical based rendering (PBR) pipeline
Supports unlimited point, spot, directional, IES lights
Shadow volumes support, soft or hard edges
Auto eye adaptation support, with customizable bright/dark adaptation
Various tone-mappers (Linear, Reinhardt, ...)
Built-in bump mapping with parallax
Multiple viewports management


Newton Dynamics integration
Rigid bodies support (box, sphere, capsule, cone, ...)
Physics material
Character controller
Full scale/shear/skew support


OpenAL integration
2D & 3D sounds
Realistic doppler effect
Realtime asynchronous voice synthetizer (Espeak integration)

Tools & Editors

WYSIWYG pipeline (what you see is what you get)
Minimum build/deployment process phases
Component based architecture
User friendly asset pipeline
Asynchronous import of assets
Support of external version control


Widget based custom User Interface using asynchronous events
Full layouts support (avoid per pixel dimensions settings in most cases)
Various basics widgets
Automatic edition of all objects through properties / reflection
Full drag & drop support
Skinnable, customizable, ...


C/C++ runtime scripting with auto-reload in the editor
Supports Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2012 and MinGW
Direct access to full API with maximum performances
Game plugins, editor plugins and components support


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary $50.00 Yes
single-seat PRO License
Proprietary Free No
FREE License

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