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Auran Jet is a development engine that can be used to create a variety of 3D applications including, games, simulation and training software. Originally designed to provide a powerful and extensible foundation upon which to develop Auran’s range of commercial software products, Jet is now available for external use. Building on Jet’s genre neutral design, developers can significantly reduce the time it takes to get a software product to market.

Supported Features


  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Plug-in Architecture
  • Save/Load System
  • Jet’s architecture is modular and layered. Each system is enclosed in a separate module and communicates with other Jet systems via standard abstract interfaces. Each module or system is also internally layered. The most generic components of a given system reside in the core layer which is progressively built upon in successive layers. Dependencies between systems and components only ever refer to lower layers, never higher.
  • Jet’s interface components are implemented as plugins
  • Immediate and Buffered User Input Support
  • Memory Allocation Tracking
  • Jet provides data stream and block compression via a plugin interface
  • Bitmap and TrueType Font Support
  • Fixed-function
  • The sprite system allows developers to create custom interfaces, overlays and other 2D elements.
  • Multiple viewports can be created and positioned, sized and ordered by the developer
  • Environment Mapping
  • Billboarding
  • Sky
  • Water
  • Cubic environment mapping is supported by Jet on appropriate hardware
  • Jet’s particle effects system provides classes for managing particle emitters and dynamic modifiers. Individual emitters and modifiers are implemented as plugins promoting extensibility and reuse.


  • Per-vertex
  • Gloss maps Jet’s scene management provides support for dynamic lighting. Numerous types of light; including ambient, omni, parallel, and spot; may be added to a 3D scene. Optimized routines are used to determine and calculate the dynamic effects of these lights on objects in the scene.


  • Projected planar
  • Shadow Volume Jet’s lighting manager supports the generation of volumetric shadows


  • Basic
  • Multi-texturing
  • Bumpmapping
  • Mipmapping
  • Projected
  • abstracts multi-texturing extensions to DirectX and OpenGL.
  • support for projected textures and bump mapped materials on appropriate hardware


  • Vertex
  • Pixel


  • Mesh Loading
  • Progressive
  • Jet uses progressive mesh reduction to provide level of detail (LOD) support
  • A range of primitive objects are provided for rendering geometric shapes; line, plane, box, cone, cylinder, ellipse, ellipsoid, circle, sphere, etc. These are very useful for visual debugging.

Scene Management

  • General
  • Occlusion Culling
  • LOD Based on a generic scene graph.


  • Keyframe Animation
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Morphing
  • Animation Blending
  • Animations may be buffered for playing one after another
  • Bone positions and orientations are interpolated between keyframes to ensure the animation is smooth, regardless of the framerate
  • Two or more animations may be blended together, either to transition from one animation to another, or simply to create a new animation
  • Animations may be selectively applied to specific bones (and their children)
  • A variety of event types may be attached to selected animation frames to synchronize attachments, sound effects, code, and similar
  • 3D Studio Max v2.5-4.0 and Alias Wavefront Maya v3.0-4.0 Mesh and Animation Exporter Plugin


  • Basic Physics
  • Collision Detection This extension system provides an implementation of a functional physics and collision system


  • Client-Server
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Native and DirectPlay Support
  • TCP/IP, IPX, Serial and Modem Support
  • Message Management System
  • Send and Receive Statistics Gathering
  • provides a simulated TCP/IP network environment for debugging purposes
  • Host Migration Support for Peer-to-Peer Sessions
  • Message Compression and Encryption Support
  • Network Lobby Support via DirectPlay Driver
  • Network sessions can have their properties queried remotely

Artificial Intelligence

  • Decision Making
  • generic base-level components for implementing intelligent agents.
  • Each agent has its own world model, which is a database containing a representation of that agent’s view of the world
  • Agents gather raw data from their environment using sensors and make decisions by coordinating their Artificial Decision Units, ADUs, with data gathered by the sensors


  • 2D Sound
  • 3D Sound
  • DirectX 8.0 Sound Driver (via a plugin)
  • DirectSound 8.0 Sound Effects, like: chorus, flange, echo, distortion, compression, parametric equalization, gargle, waves reverberation, and environmental reverberation
  • handles music files in the MP3, WAV, and MS ADPCM formats. Music can be looped, faded in, faded out, and cross-faded.
  • Supports the insertion of polyline sounds into the 3D world

Tools & Editors

  • JIVE: Jet Integrated Visual Environment provides the developer with an integrated development environment framework for building custom resource editors that are dynamically added via plugins.
  • WAVE: Jet’s Wide Area Virtual Environment allows remote consoles to monitor and/or issue commands to a running Jet application.
  • GUI Editor


License Name Price in $US Source Code Included?
Proprietary $99.00 No
Non-Commercial License
Proprietary $30,000.00 No
Commercial License

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