Arfnold 2

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Andrei Fortuna

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Graphics APIs:
OpenGL, DirectX

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Arfnold 2 is a 3D game engine with Quake2 levels support.

Supported Features


  • Fixed-function Z-Buffer rendering
  • Fog


  • Lightmapping Colored lights


  • Shadow Mapping Flat & gouraud shading


  • Basic
  • Mipmapping


  • Mesh Loading
  • Support for 3D Studio scenes
  • Support for Quake2 levels (including monsters)
  • Hierarchical meshes

Scene Management

  • General
  • BSP
  • PVS


  • Collision Detection


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Proprietary Free Yes

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  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 Anonymous Jul 21, 2005 at 13:18

Ебать, пиздец, ребята наворотили.
Это-ж надо столько ебаться над хуйней такой!
Ебал я в рот прогрммиста это го который движок этот ху ев писал. Вот я бы выеб пидора этого. Сука ебаная его подвигла кодить. Чтоб ты забеременел гвоздями и кабелем РК-50. уебок хуев, вылупок залупоглазый, мордохуйский пиздочмок... Слов не хватит обругать. Подстава сплошная!

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The other reviewer got some things wrong

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 Zamolxes May 23, 2005 at 17:21

Hi, I am the author of Arfnold2. While I admit it is a dated engine and it is not extremly easy to install, the other reviewer got some things wrong. First of all it doesn't use only DX6, it can also use OpenGL. Second, it doesn't use DJGPP2 or Allegro or Rapid, they were used for some even older projects on my homepage and the reviewer got confused. You need only VC 6.0 (might work with VC 7, haven't tried) and/or DirectX/OpenGL libs to compile it.

And while it is not an off the shelf engine it was my testbed for quite a few things and it might prove interesting for a programmer to browse through the source code.

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To old

  by 00000000000000000000000000000000 HarryC0der Mar 31, 2005 at 11:37

This one is writing in DX6, you need to use DJGPP2, Allegro 3.0 and some of Rapid library to compile... many other problem to meet... unusable for developping an 3D game. The only part "interesting' is the BSP tree parser.

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