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Nov 15, 2011


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Argali LLC provides 2d casual games development, game programming basing on own 2d game engine (Mengine2d), 2d and 3d art production.

Since the moment of foundation our team has been focused on implementing the most effective pipelines in all the areas of production. In particular, we’ve developed a comprehensive framework for quick and easy creation of HOPA games, extended toolset for direct export of in-game content and custom technical data from Adobe Photoshop and After Effects that are used both as content- and level design editors, has defined a set of effective approaches for art production and QA, defined game design requirements for casual games development and implemented them in practice in order to meet the time, budget and quality requirements in the most effective manner.

We’ve released a number of projects developed by our team and are also proud of two projects developed by other teams utilizing our game engine.

We’re open to discuss any proposals related to full development of 2d casual games or certain batches of work related to development of casual games.

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