Professional Unity and C#: Multi-Platform 3D Game Development

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Manuel Saint-Victor


Published at:
Jul 17, 2012


Software Development

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The ideal Unity book for programmers ready to dive into to advanced 3D gaming As a dynamic, graphically rich 3D game engine, Unity3D stands out from its competitors by working on nearly every desktop and mobile platform. This book is the first to offer professional-level programming of Unity using C#. You begin with learning how to install Unity3D and gradually move on to more advanced coding topics in C#. Each object is introduced, applied to the code, demonstrated through examples, and added to an example game that is built upon throughout the book. By the end of the book, you will be encouraged to create a game and upload it to a site where other users can view and comment, cultivating the learning process through dialog and interaction. Explains how to maximize advanced capabilities of Unity3D for programming games Highlights creating shaders, which manipulate the way graphics are rendered by the game engine Extends the reach of the book by discussing how Unity3D is an ideal way to break into the social web market Demystifies Unity3D co-routines and the yield statement in a clear and concise manner Whether you use this book as a tutorial or reference manual for working with Unity3D and C#, you will most certainly find it to be invaluable.


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