Make Your Own MMORPG

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Aaron C Callahan


Published at:
May 02, 2011

Fose Media

Game Development,
Game Design

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If you’ve ever dreamed about creating your own MMORPG, then this book is for you.

In Make Your Own MMORPG, you will be shown step-by-step how to design, launch and run your own game.

You will learn how to: Create a game design document detailing every aspect of your game Design your game world and populate it with characters, items and quests Plan your game’s factions, races, classes, professions, mounts, shops and more Balance your game so that it is challenging but fun Implement a consistent game economy and keep it running smoothly Generate income from your game Maintain and grow your game after it launches Successfully market your game in order to attract new players Manage your growing community of players, keeping them happy and involved Deal with deviant or malicious players and handle hacks, bugs and exploits Outsource difficult programming or graphic design duties A robust and thorough resources section is included which details every tool, website and program mentioned in the book. You will also find a treasure trove of other resources and tools not specifically mentioned but indispensable to any MMORPG designer.

Last but not least, by purchasing this book, you will gain access to the companion website where you will find invaluable guides, templates, tools, reviews, examples, recommendations and a growing community of like-minded designers willing to offer help and advice.

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