KarimLUCCIN 102 about 18 hours ago

Hey, thank you for your feedback, that’s cool!

Camera switching is … on my list now :) I thought about that but didn’t get to it yet. Will be in a following update (the next one? ;))

And it’s difficult to find really royalty free musics. The ones included are from Thing is, you can actually play with the musics you want. Just go in the settings and in Gameplay, you can select to play musics from your own Music Library. So if you happen to have Wipeout musics there … :)


Gette 101 about 21 hours ago

How is this different from They’ve been auctioning site licenses for video games for years now. Scott Kirk, what do you mean by “game changer”? FGL was and is the game changer. Good luck with your site. Ha!

In response to Dungeon Burglars
outlandishPIXEL 101 1 day ago

Thanks! Hopefully my next update will be in the next week or so :)

demonixis 102 1 day ago

Graphics are sweet :) I tested it and it’s fun to play, good job ! Have you planned to add camera switching ? (cokpit mode). Musics are not bad but it could be best to use Wipeout like musics ;)

vkreal 102 1 day ago

rouncer, you don’t need an account. It’s a free game on Andorid and iOS

In response to Dungeon Burglars
rouncer 104 2 days ago

very pollished pixels indeed. takes me back to when i was making a pixelly tetris and whacking more and more sprite transformations, everything like pixelly jelly at the end of it. :)

look forward to the next 70% implementation.

YellzBellz 101 3 days ago

Love the graphics and animation. Beautiful!

May want to look at adding some bonuses in future improvements. Maybe certain areas if you jump just right you can hit a prize box or something.


Poetepoet 101 4 days ago

I took the price from my retailer here in the Netherlands, The biggest point is that companies always do the same price in Dollars and in Euros, which is pretty off.

fireside 141 Apr 17, 2014 at 11:40

Especially when you have to pay 50 dollars a month for MayaLT. Doesn’t sound like a solution to “personalize their games and bring them into popular Steam titles” to me unless they have a lot of extra cash laying around.

rouncer 104 Apr 17, 2014 at 04:50

Whats the big deal, blenders out there for free with a better interface and realtime gpu truerender, so this doesnt excite me one bit.

rouncer 104 Apr 17, 2014 at 04:33

looks really nice, id like to play but i dont have an account.

Stainless 151 Apr 15, 2014 at 11:21

500 Euros? Where did you get that price?

In the UK it launched at £699. It did quickly depreciate though. Now it’s around £400 (cheapest I’ve seen is £379) and still falling.

My son bought it at launch, with every launch game, spare controller, t-shirt, cuddly toy, etc….

Spent an absolute fortune.

We went around to see him a couple of weeks ago and he put it on to show us. Of course with four extra people in his front room Kinect failed to work at all, which pissed him off, then the voice rec went down….

I was still laughing when we got to the pub.

Poetepoet 101 Apr 15, 2014 at 10:28

I have several points to raise about the subject.

First impressions

I think we all agree that first impressions are everything, right? Then allow me to take you back to E3 2013. Both Sony and Microsoft announce their new consoles. Sony bombards the fans with everything they want to hear. They basically get an insane improved version of their beloved Playstation 3. They get better Playstation Network services, a whole selection of games, exclusive and shared alike, Bungie’s Destiny will release earlier on Playstation 4 than other platforms and much more. The only “negative” aspect is that PSN Plus will be mandatory, which means a monthly subscription fee. Considering Microsoft has had this policy for years, there’s not much to complain and not a lot of people did. Then there is Microsoft. DRM, always online requirement, forced Kinect connection already were a big issue. Then they announce a lot of cool stuff but one thing remains remarkably quiet. Games. The pillar of the console is left out when they announce sports, Skype, video on demand, Indie support and more. Finally, they come to the all important section. All the consumer gets is a reveal trailer for Halo, Forza, a couple more and then, silence, presentation over. Disappointment for most gamers, and a bitter aftertaste. Sony just gave Microsoft a massive kick in the rear, and nothing Microsoft can do to retaliate.

Launch titles

The Xbox One lacks a certain appeal when it comes to launch titles. According to many, the only noteworthy title was Ryse: Son of Rome. End of list. Pretty short, for most people. It has since been followed by the release of Titanfall which has captured the hearts of many, but that does indeed give a slow start to sales. And the start is, as is with many races, a crucial point.

Price tag

Most people agree, that the Playstation 4 has a better performance than the Xbox One overall. That is probably true. What surprises the gamers and consumers after that, is that the price tag is a whopping 500$, and €500 in Europe, even though the Euro is stronger than the Dollar. A bitter pill for many.


A lot of decisions made by Microsoft leave the consumer with question marks above their heads. Why not have a way for backwards compatibility? Sure, the core technology is different, but now it seems there are ways to emulate. Why straight up sink your own boat by shouting that you will not go back? Many gamers have stacks of games they want to play even after switching consoles. A couple of employees made fools of themselves, one example being Adam Orth on Twitter asking why on Earth someone would live in a rural area with less fast internet. That isn’t good publicity. And lastly, the various release dates. The Xbox One has now been released in the US for a while, as well as in the UK, but the rest of Europe can wait, due to “Kinect translation”. That resulted in Europe not joining the release of Titanfall, and as it seems, the One will only release in September, with fancy region locks, probably resulting in a console locked to a language that the user might not want. For English speaking people living abroad, that can be a real issue. A short example is Halo 4 being language locked to the country it is sold in, in my case the Netherlands, making my copy being in Dutch, whereas I always set my devices in English. I speak Dutch no problem, but I still don’t like it being in Dutch nonetheless. Limiting customers to the point of frustration does not help sales at all.

Even though I believe it will lose it’s “console war” with Playstation, I am still buying the Xbox One. Most of the people I play with acquired one (they are American) and I’ve spent a lot of my time on my 360 without trouble, so I’ll stick to Microsoft for now. Making an unbiased decision took a long time, but I think it’s the right one for me.

Reedbeta 167 Apr 14, 2014 at 03:34

Cool, congrats on finishing your book!

In response to Network Emulation Tool
TheNut 179 Apr 11, 2014 at 05:58

I haven’t played CoD, but I take it it’s pretty bad :) The last game I remember that had bad network code was I think the first Unreal Tournament (or maybe the first Unreal). I remember if you had low frame rate, others would see you phase in and out of the level. It was funny, but of course these are the kind of things we want to evolve away from :)

dk, I chose Sourceforge merely out of familiarity. Almost all of the open source projects I’ve dealt with are hosted on Sourceforge or sometimes on their own hosted websites. It offers packaged releases + git support, which is sufficient for my needs.

In response to Network Emulation Tool
dk 158 Apr 11, 2014 at 05:37

This is pretty useful, nice work! By the way, out of curiosity, why did you choose to host the project on Sourceforge instead of Github?

In response to Network Emulation Tool
Stainless 151 Apr 10, 2014 at 14:38

Please, please, please give it to the developers of Call of Duty!

They might fix their network code then :>

In response to Network Emulation Tool
fireside 141 Apr 10, 2014 at 10:10

Nice to see someone showing people a free solution rather than one more pseudo-advertisement.

Reedbeta 167 Apr 06, 2014 at 22:33

I think a common term for that is “shared source” - i.e. shared among licensees, but not open for all to see. :)

1000hammers 101 Apr 06, 2014 at 20:20

the game will also be on ps4, xbox one and pc.

rouncer 104 Apr 06, 2014 at 14:24

nice one for finishing it, but the game eventually just blew itself up with all the instancing. :)

was amusing.

actually reminds me of the games i used to make when i was teenager, completely bugged up to hell with dodgy ass cartoons for sprites. hehehehe

drean 103 Apr 06, 2014 at 10:57

I don’t see any “edit” button, so, I wanted to clarify my previous post, the engine now has brand new full source code license option, that’s now very approachable, but still paid. I don’t mean to imply that it’s available for free. Thanks!

benrawlesmusic 101 Apr 05, 2014 at 16:41

I’m working on an epic cinematic trailer demo. Check it out on my website’s blog page!

sebasrez 101 Apr 02, 2014 at 20:06

Here is a youtube video showing off some gameplay!

In response to reply on Unity Hinge Joint Tutorial
sebasrez 101 Apr 02, 2014 at 14:48

Ahck I would never. this is for neck flippin’ action!

Knee cracking action is a great suggestion as well.

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