Game Development News & Links

RealmForge GDK v0.4 Released

Nintendo GameCube Linux Project

OGRE 0.15.0 Released

SIGGRAPH 2004 Videos Available

Bump Map Compression Whitepaper

Graphics: The Bigger Picture

TransGaming Releases Cedega 4.1

breve 3D Simulation Environment 2.0.1 Released

OpenXDK Runs Doom on Xbox

Quotix Development Environment for Lua

"Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists" Excerpts Posted

DirectX 9.0 SDK Update

Delta3D 0.2.0 Released

Compressonator v1.21 Released

XGI's XP47 will Support Pixel Shaders 3.0

gDEBugger v0.9.5 Released to Add OpenGL 1.5 Support

DirectX 9.0 Software Implementation Demo Released