Game Development News & Links

Irrlicht Engine 0.8 released

Imagine Cup Visual Gaming and Rendering Competition

True Axis Physics SDK Released

Analysis of the Havok Physics Engine

GameVision 2005 Released

I3D: Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games

New XVP Demos Posted

Espresso3D v0.3 Java OpenGL Engine Released

Mobile Multiplayer, 3D and Location-Based Games

Delphi Port of Doom I Released

DirectX 9.0c SDK February 2005 Update

OGRE 1.0.0RC1 Released

Book Review: A Theory of Fun for Game Design

The State of Linux Gaming

Pixelglow Software Releases macstl 0.2

EaseImport Sources Released A new game development community

gDEBugger v1.2 Adds Textures Support

AgentFX V2.1.1 adds support for shader-skinned models

EaseExport and EaseImport Released

Interview with Open Graphics Project Founder

3D Edit: A DX9 Hardware Accelerated Video Editor

MilkShape 3D 1.7.3 Released